Dual enrollment college courses

Earn College Credit without Leaving the High School Classroom

Center for Technology, Essex and Graphic Design has created a partnership with Community College of Vermont. High school students with a college level Accuplacer score (reading, writing, and sometimes arithmetic) can earn college credit as well as high school credit.  The Graphic Design program teachers are approved as adjunct faculty at CCV and deliver content during the course of the academic day. Students can earn college credit at a highly subsidized cost; the first course is free using the Fast Forward Ticket application.  Students receive a transcript from the college at the end of the semester, listing credits earned.

Students enrolled in dual enrollment courses bear the same responsibility and follow the same course objectives  as any other CCV college student.



  • Students with the necessary Accuplacer scores (Accuplacer test is administered at CTE)
  • B or better in Graphic Design
  • In good academic standing
  • Teacher recommendation