A| 3.12.18 Monday (2nd year)


  • Today: Early release day for students: dismiss at 12:35 unless…
    • EHS students who rely on their bus transportation (including Georgia, Islands, etc) will be dismissed at 11:35
    • all other students will be dismissed at 12:35 to get to their busses which are leaving at 12:45
    • Lunch …….check with Mrs. Sinopoli about what time lunch will be
  •  CWE:
    • Dresden & Joey: Lane Press
    • Aislynn: VEIC (paperwork signatures before Tuesday)
  • Capstone project
    • proposal due: March 6th
    • project completion: May 4th
  • Studio Workflow reminders:
    • read blog, all of it! 
    • retrieve hard copy project folder/s & return EOD to Ms. V
    • check email: make sure client has cc’d all
    • client meeting dates: confirm with Mrs. B any client meeting dates and check to make sure they are in the DCM 2 Google calendar
    • CHECK project due date on folders daily to avoid missing deadlines!

Projects/Assignments/Client Work: 

  • Ben. 18010. CTE Marketing Project (LF Photographs): 
    • Ms. V will output, once printed we need to evaluate color and resolution
  • Aislynn 18011. EHS/CTE Health center rebrand project: 
    • next steps: have client confirm that content on business card and letterhead is correct.
    • confirm numbers for printing of letterhead and business cards
  • Aislynn. 18014. Living Tree Alliance logos
    • ready file and turn in for grading. Due EOD today
  • Aislynn. 18071. Child Nutrition Services
    • logos: revamp logos to include farm to school, food service and child nutrition
  • Charlotte. 18048. Cosmetology re-brand: logo and other print material
    • salon menu: Bailey: organize and editing images
    • choose images and place in document. Due EOD today
    • business card & letterhead: Develop BC and LTR. Once instructor approved PDF and send to client Due EOD today
  • Aislynn 18049. Aromatherapy labels
    • logos & labels: waiting on client response
  • Dan. 18050. CST info graphic card
    • make revisions based on your meeting with Mrs. B and reprint Due EOD today
  • Arvid. 18053. Create/Make/Learn brand consolidation
    • build business card: respond to email suggesting we will print 250
    • print duplexed card and place in hand in box
    • check resolution on images to make sure they are high enough for print output.Once approved by instructor, package file and let Ms. V know. She will set up a production document and print cards
  • Aislynn. 18055. EHS/CTE Career Fair logo
    • ready file and turn in for grading. Due EOD today
  • Ben. 18036 Band Spring concert
    • Program comp: review last’s year program. Do a Save as to make a copy and use the copy for this year’s program. Use poster images/content to place on front cover of program. First comp of cover Due EOD today. Print and place in hand in box
  • Ben. 8072 CTE bumper sticker
  • Charlotte. 18073 CTE NTHS
    • ready file and turn in for grading Due EOD today
    • ready file and turn in for grading
  • Charlotte.  18070  Coop posters
    • build comps
    • check resolution on all images to make sure it’s high enough for print output
    • find inspirational quotes for each poster
    • print what you have and place in hand in box
  • Charlotte.  18064  Coop rack/palm cards
    • palm card: schedule meeting. Email sent to client – awaiting response
  • Ben. DCM Hallway signage
    • update signage in hallways
    • measure signage & replace with our DCM logo signs
  • Aislynn. 18037 Markey Read cards
    • cards: respond to client email about meeting on Friday March 16th in the am (CCV Drawing) Due Today
  • TBD 18078 CTE Recognition tickets, invite & program
  • Aislynn. 18033 Human Powered parade
    • waiting on client response, stay tuned

Upcoming Dates:

  • 3.9.18 CTE application deadline
  • 3.14.18 | National Technical Honor Society induction ceremony




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