B| 3.5.18| Monday


  • Welcome Back! Hope you had a restful break!
  • Put in CTE Applications for 2nd year! Once you and your parents/guardians have completed the application, if you have a challenge getting your guidance counselor to sign the app, bring the app to us and we will help you!
  • Fine Arts Night – Cody and Ry please print your work
  • 3rd Quarter Progress closes on Friday – please check for missing work!

Today’s Lesson Plan:

Due Dates:

  • Book Jacket Unit
    • book reading and worksheet due: TODAY
  • NEW Drawing Assignment: Continuous Contour Line Drawing

    A Continuous Contour Line Drawing is an exercise to help us focus on the line. The idea here is to create a drawing where you never lift your drawing utensil from the paper. I like to use a pen on this one to help me resist the urge of erasing mistakes. If you have never done this exercise you may find your drawings odd and “imperfect” but that is what makes them beautiful. Also focus on looking at what you are drawing as much as the drawing itself and do not stop moving your hand when you look up.
  • Package Design was due before break



Upcoming dates:

  • 2.26.18 – 3.2.18  | Winter break
  • 3.9.18 3rd Quarter progress period close
  • 3.9.18 CTE application deadline
  • 3.14.18 | National Technical Honor Society induction ceremony

B| 3.5.18 Monday (2nd year)


  • Welcome back and we hope everyone had a restful break!
  • Fine Arts Night submissions: Due EOD tomorrow
    • Aislynn- print logos and Aromatherapy labels
    • Arvid- print sticker and Create/Make/learn logo
    • Charlotte- please choose 2 pieces and print
  •  CWE:
    • Dresden & Joey: Lane Press
  • Resumes: All DCM 2 students must have their resumes updated & current. Proof, spellcheck and place in hand in box.
  • PackageDesignContest! 
    • work on this assignment in between client work when you have down time
  • Studio Workflow reminders:
    • read blog, all of it! 
    • retrieve hard copy project folder/s & return EOD to Ms. V
    • check email: make sure client has cc’d all
    • client meeting dates: confirm with Mrs. B any client meeting dates and check to make sure they are in the DCM 2 Google calendar
    • CHECK project due date on folders daily to avoid missing deadlines!

Projects/Assignments/Client Work: 

  • Ben. 18010. CTE Marketing Project (LF Photographs): 
    • re-size student services, school counselors and admin posters to 24 x 36.
    • create same poster but in color
    • Student services poster: Make revisions as noted on print.
    • school counselors & admin: still waiting for them to send quotes (a reminder email was sent Monday Feb. 19th)
  • Aislynn 18011. EHS/CTE Health center rebrand project: 
    • logo: waiting on client response to revisions (added Essex High School) and confirm which color rendition
  • Aislynn. 18014. Living Tree Alliance logos
    • logo: waiting on client response (logo needs to be presented at their committee meeting)
  • Aislynn. 18071. Child Nutrition Services
    • logos: meeting March 7th @ 10:00 am in cafeteria
  • Charlotte. 18048. Cosmetology re-brand: logo and other print material
    • salon menu: schedule time to photograph 3 images for inside panel. Due EOD today
  • Aislynn 18049. Aromatherapy labels
    • logos & labels: waiting on client response to updated comps sent (new logo and different typefaces for product names)
  • Daniel H H. 18050. CST info graphic card
    • place new logo in card and finish card comp.
  • Arvid. 18053. Create/Make/Learn brand consolidation
    • build business card: meet with instructor to make adjustments
    • Once approved by instructor PDF and resend
  • Aislynn. 18055. EHS/CTE Career Fair logo
    • Poster: client has meeting March 7 and will send along any changes then
    • LFP welcome signage: change orientation to portrait. Outline welcome with a thin stroke
  • Ben. 18036 Band Spring concert
    • Poster comp: see client response, make revisions and once instructor approved send back to client. Due EOD today
  • Ben. 8072 CTE bumper sticker
  • Charlotte. 18073 CTE NTHS postcards & program
    • program: see client email containing list of nominees, place in program
  • Charlotte.  18070  Coop posters
    • build comps
    • check resolution on all images to make sure it’s high enough for print output
    • find inspirational quotes for each poster
  • Charlotte.  18064  Coop rack/palm cards
    • palm card: schedule meeting. Due EOD today
  • Ben. DCM Hallway signage
    • update signage in hallways
    • measure signage & replace with our DCM logo signs
  • Aislynn. 18037 Markey Read cards
    • cards: send email asking when client is coming in Due EOD today
  • TBD 18078 CTE Recognition tickets, invite & program

Upcoming Dates:

  • 3.9.18 3rd Quarter progress period close
  • 3.9.18 CTE application deadline
  • 3.14.18 | National Technical Honor Society induction ceremony