A | 6.14.17 | Wednesday


  • Field trip to Burton: please be in DCM @ 9:40 am sharp
  • If you have not turned in your DCM resources today is the day!
  • Grades close today
  • Thursday: lunch is on us, we will provide all food and drinks, please let us know if there are any dietary concerns/restrictions
  • please let an instructor know if you are unable to attend recognition night (tomorrow night)
  • Lane Press paperwork: Joey and Dresden
  • EHS exams  A34/B34 exams
  • Student council meeting @ 12:00- last one for the year
  • Kadie CVU picnic 12:30
  • CHS Grad practice 1:00

Assignments for the week:

  • DCM_EOY_ survey1 
    • please complete and place in turn in box, name is optional, thanks!
  • Collect inventory: book, headphones,trays, tablets
  1. Snowboard assignment
    • If you missed the presentation, it is here: https://vimeo.com/220629194
    • template is on the server (workgroup/snowboard template)
  2. Z11_Personal_Timeline
  3. Face-to-Face
  4. Gradebook
    • Check to make sure you are not missing any projects. If you are, you will need to prioritize you time over the next week.

Once you have submitted ALL DCM work…..

  • We have small portfolios for your work. See a teacher. 
  • Output 8 ½ x 11 prints of all your portfolio work for your portfolio book. (process book and other prototypes can go in side pockets).
  • Take home presentation boards and other work you might want to keep. Don’t wait till Thursday.


  1. Make PDF’s of project work (in case you don’t have the software home)
  2. Save whatever work you want to take home on a flash drive (remember that your Lightroom catalog and raw photographs are saved locally) see Ms. V if you need a flash drive
  3. Clean workstation & monitor
  4. Remove your work from the walls
  5. Recycle files you do not need. Printed projects and prototypes in good condition may be donated to the classroom as samples, as can manila folders with minimal writing
  6. DO NOT delete project/assignment work off of the server
  7. DO delete all personal files off of desktop/server

Upcoming dates:

  • 6.15.17 EOY celebration (morning) + Recognition Practice in the morning (afternoon)
  • 6.15.17 Recognition Ceremony (in the evening)

DCM1 Client work/DCM 2 updates:

  • Savannah:
    • Food label: see instructor for update

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