A | 6.12.17 | Monday (2nd year)


  • Here we go the final week in DCM…..! Grades close today(!)
  • DCM_EOY_ survey1
    • please complete and place in hand-in-box, name is optional and thanks!
    • Tyler to work with Ms. Quinn all day (except 10-11 am)
  • Tyler- respond to Jeff Harms latest email requesting when video will be ready. Due EOD today
  • Dennis Healy will be coming tomorrow from 10-11 to see student snowboard designs….

EOY Housekeeping/Procedures

  1. Laptops will be collected EOD today. You will still be able to use them in class. Please see Ms. Vaida if you need a flash drive.
  2. Workstations must be left in the condition that they were when you came. Please organize, recycle, take home work.
  3. Server: Update your personal server folder with all project work from this year (make sure it is in GD2 folder). Delete any personal work or Design Studio work that is in your personal folder on the server. DO NOT touch the jobshop folder files (unless it is the clean up a job you have not yet been assessed on)
  4. Make PDFs of any/all work you would like to take with you (can be either project work or Design Studio work)
  5. Save whatever work you want to take home on a flash drive (remember that your Lightroom catalog and raw photographs are saved locally) see Ms. V if you need a flash drive
  6. Clean workstation & monitor
  7. Remove your work from the walls
  8. Recycle paper that you do not need. Printed projects and prototypes in good condition may be donated to the classroom as samples, as can manila folders with minimal writing
  9. DO NOT delete project/assignment work off of the server
  10. Do delete all personal files
  11. Check in books, color wheels, tools etc. with an instructor

Projects/Assignments/Client Work

Upcoming dates

  • 6.14.17 Burton field trip
  • 6.15.17 EOY celebration in the morning  + Recognition Practice after lunch
  • 6.15.17 Recognition Ceremony (evening)

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