B | 5.30.17 | Tuesday


  • English @ 11:15
  • Reminder: Portfolio clean-up. It is your responsibility to recycle paper when you are done cutting, and clean up after yourselves.
  • For the best seat in the house: Don’t forget to purchase your Recognition Night Raffle tickets

Today’s Lesson Plan: 

  • Review of assignments: Z11_Personal_Timeline and Face-to-Face
  • Digital Photography for Portfolio:
    • Prints; export high resolution jpegs out of Lightroom— full size (high quality)
      • put on the server (workgroup/DigitalPhotos_toPrint_2016-17), Ms V will print on the Epson.
  • Portfolio: Everyone should wrap up mounting by today/tomorrow……
      1. Collect your boards once you have sign off on your practice mounting
      2. Prior to mounting, decide how you will mount each piece (multiple pieces, scale pieces up for viewing ease, only showing select portion/s of a dimensional piece).
      3. Print on good quality paper stock 28 lb/coated (see Ms. V), trim and mount.
      4. All boards must be kept on the bookshelf!
    • PRESENTATION SCRIPT: Presentation “run-throughs” will begin tomorrow
      1. Write script, using work from English as your base. Include introduction, transitions between pieces and conclusion. Print and turn in.
      2. Revise script based on feedback.
      3. Gather any prototypes you plan on using for your presentation (CD case, bookjacket, product label, etc) and place on shelf next to boards
      4. Presentation Practice

Late or Missing Work:

  • See Gradebook

Upcoming dates:

  • 6.6.17- 6.8.14 • DCM Portfolio presentations

DCM1 Client work/DCM 2 updates:

  • Aislynn:
    • EJ Tree Committee: waiting on client response.
  •  Jason:
    • Health Services: waiting for client reply.
  • Savannah:
    • Food label: Waiting for printing sign-off, and numbers, from client.

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