A | 5.26.17 | Friday (2nd year)


  •  Portfolio: Website is due today.
    • Review of online assessment panel/presentation schedule and submission requirements in DCM 1 lab at 9:50 am
  • Network permission issues. Save Final Portfolio folder (with all your project folders etc) to your desktop and work from there. That should avoid broken links, etc.
  • If you are attending Johnson State College/Lyndon State College/ Northern Vermont University, please meet with an instructor to review articulation agreement options. 
  • Recognition Night Raffle! Best seats in the house, don’t forget to purchase your tickets
  • Reminder: Portfolio clean-up. It is your responsibility to recycle paper when you are done cutting, and clean up after yourselves.
  • No school Monday in observance of Memorial Day

Projects/Assignments/Client Work

  • All. Portfolio
    • Send link to Mrs. Brown and Ms. Perlah by 2:00. Make sure to send the actual url for the website, not the admin panel. 
    • After 2:00 pm today portfolio submission is complete. Portfolio may not be changed/revised/updated. If changes are made, this portion of the exam is invalid and will be reflected in exam grade.
    • Instructions for all portions can be found here: Final Portfolio Docs
    • Load work to website, print/mount, write script etc.
    • Digital Photography for Portfolio:
      • Prints; export high resolution jpegs out of Lightroom— full size (high quality)
        • put on the server (workgroup/DigitalPhotos_toPrint_2016-17), Ms V will print on the Epson.
      • Website; export jpegs out of Lightroom— long edge 1800 px. (high quality)
  • All. Capstone
    • Don’t forget your process book!
  • Alayna. 17015. CTE Marketing Project. Client: Carrie Dickinson
    • update instructor when ready to photograph
  •  Mayla & Alayna. 17072. Scan slides: Client: Mr. Perlah 
    • We have two scanning trays which will speed up your process 🙂
    • Scanning instructions:
      • Use canned air to clean slides. Make sure slides are properly oriented when loading slide holder. Mark with an “x” on the slide sheet where you left off.
      • Make sure white cover on top of scanner has been removed.
      • Scan images using “Slide Scanner” preset for settings.
      • Save in folder based on names provided by client. Number sequentially.
    • Mayla and Alayna, while scanning, please start training Apollo, Brian, Tyler, and Matt on scanning so we can rotate through more helpers 🙂
  • Tyler. 17085 DCM recruitment video: client: DCM instructors
    • revise based on meeting with instructors.
    • have Apollo shoot footage of you doing the bit about curriculum.
  • Tyler. 17090. Fairfax Rescue Recruitment Video. Clients: Jeffrey Harms + Bambi Dane
    • finish B-roll and edit video.

Upcoming dates

  • 5.29.17 No school in observance of Memorial Day
  • 6.6.17- 6.8.17 Portfolio presentations

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