B | 5.17.17 | Wednesday


  • Deja vu… it’s a B-day, again.
  • NECAPs:
    • Today—MHS + make-up SBHS
  • Network permission issues. Save Final Portfolio folder (with all your project folders etc) to your desktop and work from there. That should avoid broken links, etc.
  • Reminder: State Assessment will be on Friday. Make sure to review vocabulary.

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Digital Photography for Portfolio:
    • Prints; export high resolution jpegs out of Lightroom— full size (high quality)
      • put on the server (workgroup/DigitalPhotos_toPrint_2016-17), Ms V will print on the Epson.
    • Website; export jpegs out of Lightroom— long edge 1800 px. (high quality)
  • Navigating Portfoliobox website.
  • Portfolio work time:
      1. Photograph prototypes as needed
      2. Prep digital files for web portfolio
      3. Upload work into and style your website (WAIT UNTIL WE SET UP YOUR ACCOUNTS AS A GROUP)
      4. In Google Docs, write short descriptions for each portfolio piece. Print and have an instructor proof.
      5. In Google Docs, write brief “about me” page statement. Print and have an instructor proof.
      6. Design an image for your home page using visual elements from your personal identity.
      7. Test functionality of website. Make adjustments as needed.
      1. Collect your boards once you have sign off on your practice mounting
      2. Prior to mounting, decide how you will mount each piece (multiple pieces, scale pieces up for viewing ease, only showing select portion/s of a dimensional piece).
      3. Print on good quality paper stock 28 lb/coated (see Ms. V), trim and mount.
      1. Write script, using work from English as your base. Include introduction, transitions between pieces and conclusion. Print and turn in.
      2. Revise script based on feedback.

Late or Missing Work:

  • Portfolio:
      • gather all project folders/assignment/resume and supporting documents needed to revise pieces.
      • revise selected project/assignment work/process book.
  • Process Book:
    • revisions were due Friday 5/12

Upcoming dates:

  • 5.19.17 • VT career & tech state assessment
  • 5.26.17 • DCM Digital portfolio due
  • 5.29.17 • No school in observance of Memorial Day
  • 6.6.17- 6.8.14 • DCM Portfolio presentations

DCM1 Client work/DCM 2 updates:

  • Aislynn:
    • EJ Tree Committee: send pdf to client.
  •  Jason:
    • Exchange: Signage; update instructor. Coupon: once we get content from client, meet with instructor for formatting options.
    • Health Services: waiting for client reply.
  • Savannah:
    • Food label: Print all labels on card stock (score, trim, fold and drill holes) and mail to client. Waiting for printing sign-off, and numbers, from client.

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