B | 4.11.17 | Tuesday


  • CTE Scholarship applications:
    • complete and turn in by April 14th. If you don’t complete an application then you are not eligible for any scholarship/s
  • equipment return: Charlotte/flash drive
  • English today at 11:15
  • Joey and Dresden. Make sure you are dressed professionally tomorrow. Print out an updated copy of your resume and bring a small stack of business cards to pass out as needed.

DCM1 Client work/DCM 2 updates:

  • Lane Press co-op: site visit is this Wednesday, April 12th, at 10:00am. Ms. Papp will bring you.
  • Design Studio:
    • Research Sheet + thumbnails for EJ Tree Committee was due last Friday. See teacher comments.
  •  Jason:
    • Exchange: BC/LTRH: waiting for client sign off to reprint
    • Exchange: Finish signage and print for instructor feedback
    • Health Services:
      • create thumbnails of letterhead and BC for both renditions. Due EOD Wednesday
  • Savannah:
    • Food label: continue building. First comp due EOD Wednesday
  •  Aislynn:
    • Human Powered Bike Parade poster: make changes to poster based on phone meeting. Comp due to teacher EOD today.
  • Kadie:
    • CVU Senior Portfolio Presentation invite. waiting for client response.

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Worktime:
    • Food label
    • CD
    • CCV, client work and/0r EJ Trees

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

Late or Missing Work:

  • CD Packaging:
    • Band worksheet   was due EOD Friday 4/7
    • Thumbs and Research was due EOD Monday 4/10 
  • Brand/Label/Prototype:
    • Complete first comp of label design was Due EOD Friday 4/7

Upcoming dates:

  • 4.24.17- 4.28.17 April break

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