A | 4.10.17 | Monday (2nd year)


  • CTE Scholarship applications: complete and turn in by April 14th. If you don’t complete an application then you are not eligible for any scholarship/s. Place completed app in hand in box
  • Studio and Production Room are closed for lunch until further notice (as is the DCM hallway).
  • Lane Press Update:
    • Last day of CWE is either 4/12 (Mayla + Alayna) or 4/13 (Tyler + Matt).

Projects/Assignments/Client Work

  • All. Resume. make changes and resubmit until you get teacher approval. 
  • All. Capstone
    • Begin developing brand. Ask for feedback as needed.
    • Project due date: Must be complete and ready to present for final portfolio.
  • Apollo. 17007. Little Ones University Logo. Client: Kristen Fontaine
    • Logo: waiting on confirmation from client on 10:00 meeting……
  • Alayna. 17015. CTE Marketing Project. Client: Carrie Dickinson
    • using Guidance, build 3 digital comps (rough, beginning ideas) of one of your poster design ideas, include a quote and a stock image (both are place holders): Make changes based on instructor feedback. Due EOD today 
  • Brian. 17027. Childcare Infographic. Clients: Norm Poutre, Connie Esmay, Lissa Bogner, Chris Chase
    • set up production doc with Ms. V and print (once we get numbers)
  • Apollo. 17053. Dental Assisting logo. Client: Beth Ladd
    • BC: waiting for client response
    • Stickers: waiting on client response
    • LH: ok to print 50 of each
    • TH card ok to print 50
  •  Mayla & Alayna. 17072. Scan slides: Client: Mr. Perlah 
    • Start scanning after lunch.
    • Scanning instructions:
      • Use canned air to clean slides. Make sure slides are properly oriented when loading slide holder. Mark with an “x” on the slide sheet where you left off.
      • Make sure white cover on top of scanner has been removed.
      • Scan images using Slide Scanner present for settings.
      • Save in folder based on names provided by client. Number sequentially.
  • Tyler. 17085 DCM recruitment video: client: DCM instructors
    • Schedule time to interview students (Arvid, Charlotte, Matt, Aislynn)
    • Continue shooting Mrs. B and Mrs. P
  • Apollo+Brian. 17081 program, prop, and photo booth signage for recognition: client Beth Ladd
    • Program Names + 12×18 signs: waiting for client response.
    • Props: waiting for client feedback.
    • Send reminder email if we don’t hear back from client. Due EOD today
  • Matt. 17088 Brown/Zupan wedding invite. Client: Mrs. B
    • check centering on info card and invite, reprint/trim. Due EOD today
  • Matt. 17030. EHS spring band poster/program. Client: Heather Finlayson
    • waiting on client response
  • Brian. 17012. Recognition Materials. Client: Bob Travers (design) + Carrie Dickinson (proofing) 
    • waiting on client response
  • Mayla. 17091. ATB April 13: Client: John Dowman
    • See email (no labels for pastries), put in updated use by date and resubmit. Due EOD Today
  • Tyler. 17090. Fairfax Rescue Recruitment Video. Clients: Jeffrey Harms + Bambi Dane
    • Script email to Bambi requesting dates for picnic (for group photo shoot)

Upcoming dates

  • 4.24.17- 4.28.17 April break

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