A | 4.6.17 | Thursday


  •  Flynn Theater trip: The Opulence of Integrity,
    • be in DCM at 9:00 for attendance, bus leaves @ 9:15
    • Business casual dress and don’t forget your ID’s
    • we will return before lunch
  • Spencer and Joey; When you arrive at CTE, please report to Student Services to work until we return from the Flynn. If we have not returned by 12:15 you should go directly to lunch.
  • CTE Scholarship applications:
    • complete and turn in by April 14th. If you don’t complete an application then you are not eligible for any scholarship/s

DCM1 Client work/DCM 2 updates:

  • Lane Press co-op: site visit is April 12th, Ms. Papp will bring you.
  • Design Studio:
    • Research Sheet + thumbnails for EJ Tree Committee was due last Friday. Waiting for teacher comments.
  •  Jason:
    • Exchange: BC/LTRH: revise web address, print for proofing
    • Exchange: Finish signage and print for instructor feedback
    • Health Services:
      • create thumbnails of letterhead and BC for both renditions
  • Savannah:
    • Food label: Begin building digital template.
  •  Aislynn:
    • Human Powered Bike Parade poster: make changes to typography.  revised comp due to instructor EOD today. First comp due to client before EOD Friday
  • Kadie:
    • CVU Senior Portfolio Presentation invite. waiting for client response.

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Worktime:
    • Missing bookjacket pdf x1/A (with marks + bleeds turned on). place (1) copy in workgroup/ Bookjacket 2017: Joey, Spencer
    • Food label: Build digital design.
    • Thank you note to Ms. Gulick
    • You may not work on CD until product label comp, and final thank you are complete!
    • CCV, client work and/0r EJ Trees

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

  • CD Packaging:
    • Band worksheet * Due EOD Friday 4/7
    • Thumbs and Research * Due EOD Monday 4/10 
  • Brand/Label/Prototype:
    • Complete first comp of label design Due EOD Friday 4/7
  • Thank you to Ms. Gulick Due EOD Friday 4/7
    • Write a draft first in google docs, print and turn in for teacher corrections. Make sure to personalize the note and to thank her for working with you on the bookjacket project.
    • Once you have an OK from an instructor, Hand write the final draft on your personal stationery (print on card stock, trim and fold, if you don’t have any left) and get an envelope from Ms. V.

Late or Missing Work:

  • Brand/Label/Prototype:
    • Research sheet + thumbnails (logo/label) + brand story. Due EOD Wednesday 3/29
    • Digital Template. Print to size and scale with marks and turn in for teacher approval. Due EOD Monday 4/3

Upcoming dates:


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