A | 3.31.17 | Friday


  • Last Day of the Quarter is today!
  • Danny + Arvid—laptop return.
  • Monday’s College Fair: who is signed up to go? If you are missing an academic class, make sure to email your instructor.
  • Please turn in your Step Up Day HW:
    • if you are applying to the Design Studio, please work on your research + thumbs for EJ Trees; we will collect it tomorrow.
    • if you have client work, you may work on that (let us know if you need a laptop)
    • Everyone else, you have a graphic design prof. org poster. See handout.
  • Author visit. Heather Demetrios.
    • Wednesday April 5th (b day). Block ½ in the Black Box Theater. email Ms. Gulick today if you would like to go. visit her website www.heatherdemetrios.com to learn more about her work.

DCM1 Client work/DCM 2 updates:

  • Lane Press co-op: site visit is April 12th, Ms. Papp will bring you. Email was sent home, make sure your parents see it.
  • Design Studio:
    • Research Sheet + thumbnails for EJ Tree Committee due today. Waiting for teacher comments.
  •  Jason:
    • Exchange: Set up BC production file with Ms. V and print. Begin signage.
    • Health Services:
      • Send new versions of logos (#1,3,4, and 6) include both renditions of each: Student Health Services and  School Health Services.
      • Try a couple of other renditions of #1….need to find a way to acknowlege both physical and mental wellness in the logo.
  • Savannah:
    • Food label: Waiting for response from client. Begin building digital template and sketch ideas.
    • meeting at 1:00 pm
  •  Aislynn:
    • Human Powered Bike Parade poster: See email from client for updated content. Begin breaking apart imagery in photoshop and experiment with layout and typography. first comp due EOD Monday 

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Work day!
  • Finish building your digital template and figure out what point size your Quantity Statement needs to be. Print and get teacher sign off this morning.
  • Then….
    • Finish/turn in your Bookjacket
    • Finish your Alphabet Book
    • Work on your Food label
    • Write a thank you note to Ms. Gulick

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

  • *Thank you to Ms. Gulick Due EOD Friday 4/7
    • Write a draft first in google docs, print and turn in for teacher corrections.
    • Hand write the final draft on your personal stationery.
    • Make sure to personalize the note and to thank her for working with you on the bookjacket project.
  • Brand/Label/Prototype:
    • Digital Template. Print to size and scale with marks and turn in for teacher approval. Due EOD today
  • Alphabet Book Due EOD Friday. See instructor if SBACs were a problem .
    • InDesign: placing Illustrator artboards into your Indesign doc + updating links once you’ve made changes to the AI file.
      • file/place…
      • turn on import options
      • pages: ALL
      • crop to BLEED bounding box.
    • If you need to disconnect an element from the master page, simply shift-command click the element on that page.
    • finish laying out pages in Illustrator + relink

Late or Missing Work:

  • Brand/Label/Prototype:
    • HW—bring vessel/package to school. was due BOD Monday 3/27
    • Research sheet + thumbnails (logo/label) + brand story. Due EOD Wednesday 3/29
  • Dream Montage
    • Final project folder was Due Date: EOD Friday 3.10
  • Bookjacket Unit Final Bookjacket project folder turn in deadline: was due Wednesday 3/29.
    • After you have library sign off, make final DCM corrections (if any). Once complete, staple final draft on top of the one with library sign-off.
    • Package your Illustrator (if you have one) and your Indesign file.
      • Save your package to the desktop and then move it to the project folder on the server.
      • Make sure you save a pdf x1/A with crop marks turned on.

Upcoming dates:

  • 3/31/17 End of 3rd Quarter
  • 4/6/17   Flynn Theater Show • Bus departs @ 9:15 am

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