A | 3.23.17 | Thursday


  • Step-Up Day is next week (Thursday 3/30).
    • If you are not applying to a different program, you are not required to come to school
    • There will be an assignment to do at home
    • We need a few students to help with Step Up day. Any volunteers?
  • SBACs today: English 9:45-10:15 am • lunch 11:20-11:50 • Math test 12:00-2:00 • no CTE academics • alternative EHS schedule in effect (see hand out)
  • Students interested in DCM 2:
    • Lane Press Co-op: site visit to be scheduled, stay tuned
    • Design Studio: Begin Research Sheet + thumbnails for EJ Tree Committee
  • Jason:
    • Exchange: Once you have approval from client, set up BC production file with Ms. V + begin signage.
    • Health Services: finish thumbnails, turn in for instructor feedback
  • Savannah: Meet with instructors about SkillsUSA Ad competition.
  • On Monday, April 3rd , Emmy will be taking a group of students to a College Fair at CVU from 12:00 to 1:40pm. Please email Emmy or come to Student Services to sign up by the 30th!

College Fairs provide an opportunity to meet representatives of 100+ Colleges & Universities around the country (and Canada) and to see what academic programs and extracurricular activities they offer. It’s a great way to kick start (or continue) your college search.

  • Aislynn, Charlotte, Savannah, Jason, Spencer, Kadie, Olivia. Adobe CC update: Everyone must complete TODAY. Navigate to Adobe CC folder on Server. First, run “RemoveVolumeSerial”. Then run “Adobe Serialization”








Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Alphabet Book: Before you leave today, print out update booklet for art direction. 
    • InDesign: placing Illustrator artboards into your Indesign doc + updating links once you’ve made changes to the AI file.
      • file/place…
      • turn on import options
      • pages: ALL
      • crop to BLEED bounding box.
    • If you need to unlink an element from the master page, simply shift-command click the element on that page.
    • finish laying out pages in Illustrator + relink
  •  Bookjacket Unit
    • Make corrections to comp based on client meeting #3
    • client meeting #4 will take place starting today-Wednesday and will be done on a drop in basis. Once you have made the revisions, bring a copy to the library and see either Martine or Sarah. They will review the comp and if it’s approved they will sign the off on the comp. Return the signed comp to the hand in box. If it’s not approved start the process over again until you get sign-off

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

  • Alphabet Book Due date: Final revisions due ?????????????
  • Bookjacket Unit
    • Final Bookjacket project folder turn in deadline: Wednesday 3/29.

Late or Missing Work:

  • Dream Montage
    • Final project folder was Due Date: EOD  Friday 3.10

Upcoming dates:

  • 3/23/17 (Thurs) SBAC test 12:00-2:00 • lunch 11:20-11:50 • English 9:45-10:15
  • 3/28/17 (Tues) SBAC test 11:40-2:00 • lunch 11:00-11:30 • English TBD
  • 3/30/17 Step Up Day (if you are applying for another program, you will attend their step up day)
  • 4/6/17   Flynn Theater Show • Bus departs @ 9:15 am

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