A | 3.13.17 | Monday (2nd year)


  • CWE: Mayla & Alayna
  • Brian to photograph pre-school classroom @ 10:15
  • Lane Press progress reports: if you have additional questions see an instructor
  • Studio and Production Room are closed for lunch until further notice (as is the DCM hallway).
  • Lane Press Update:
    • Last day of CWE is either 4/12 (Mayla + Alayna) or 4/18 (Tyler + Matt).
    • No CTE students will be going to Lane Press on 3/16 (Resume workshop) or 4/6 (Flynn Theater trip)
  • 3/17/17 Lyndon State College Design Contest update:
    • DCM 1: Aislynn, Jason, Arvid, Savanah, Charlotte, DCM 2: Tyler, Alayna
    • Bus departures from CTE at 8:15 a.m. returns at 6:15 p.m. Ms Vaida will be chaperoning. Lunch is provide by the college (no cost to you)

Projects/Assignments/Client Work

  • All. Resume.
    • Update resume and put on personal letterhead in preparation for next week’s resume building workshop. Due EOD today 3/13
  • All. Capstone
    • Final due date: Must be complete and ready to present for final portfolio.
    • Written Proposal was due EOD Friday
  • Alayna. 17001. Independence Market Gardens Logo. Client: Natasha Halverson
    • waiting on client response.
  • Apollo. 17007. Little Ones University Logo. Client: Kristen Fontaine
    • Logo: see client email, 1. round out letters) 2. make the letters be the same width,”L” is much thinner then the “n” client likes the more bolder lettering  3. apostrophe in One’s. Due Today
  • Alayna. 17015. CTE Marketing Project. Client: Carrie Dickinson
    • build 3 digital comps (rough, beginning ideas) of one of your poster design ideas, include a quote and a stock image (both are place holders) Due EOD Wednesday
    • schedule times to photograph staff members. Script email to all CTE explaining why you will be photographing and when
  • Brian. 17027. Childcare Infographic. Clients: Norm Poutre, Connie Esmay, Lissa Bogner, Chris Chase
    • Photograph classroom @ 10:15
  • Apollo. 17039. DCM recruitment materials update. Client: Tracey Brown & Robin Perlah
    • waiting on instructor feedback
  • Apollo. 17053. Dental Assisting logo. Client: Beth Ladd
    • BC: content- hard + digital copies (cut and paste content, do not re-type) are in folders.
    • finish BC letterhead, thank you and sticker
    • first comps due today
  • Brian. 17034 National Technical Honor Society package (invitation, poster for event, program, poster for requirements). Client: Sarah Wilson
    • waiting for client response
  • Matt. 17051 One Acts Poster and Playbill. Client: Aly Perry
    • Playbill: print and turn in for feedback. Due EOD today!
  •  Mayla & Alayna, 17072. Scan slides: Client: Mr. Perlah
    • meet with Mrs. P for project overview
    • set up scanning framework
  •  Matt. 17005. Cabaret Poster. Client: Nick Stokes
    • print 50 & deliver Due today! Ms. V will run them
    • ready file and turn in for grading
  • Apollo. 17079 Human Powered parade poster
    • work with Ms V to scan illustration.
    • Break apart elements (delete large character in the foreground)
    • Begin experimenting with layout
    • First comp due by lunch Tuesday
  • Mayla. 17082. Book illustrations: Client: Markey Read
    • see comments and make revisions. Due by lunch today
  • Mayla. 17082. passport pics: Client: Ann Oshaughnessy
    • waiting on client response to email
  • Tyler. 17085 DCM recruitment video: client: DCM instructors
    • Schedule time to interview students (Arvid, Charlotte, Jason, Matt, Aislynn)
    • Start shooting today
  • Brian. 17086 Flyer: client: Emmy
    • make changes based on client feedback.
  • Apollo. 17081 program, prop, and photo booth signage for recognition: client Beth Ladd
    • review project requirements and spreadsheet
    • create workflow process
    • begin gathering imagery
    • build signage
  • Matt. 17088 Brown/Zupan wedding invite. Client: Mrs. B
    • Just work on invite first. Once invite is approved then move to RSVP and info cards;
    • Invite: soften edges of images (see cyanotype examples) and make image on invite look like an old photo (sepia). Find body copy font (elegant older serif font, Cheltenham, Garamond etc) to complement decorative script font that is used for names on invite. DUE EOD Today (playbill is first priority)
  • Mayla. 17087. ATB  3/16/17- St. Patricks Day Labels: Client: John Dowman
    • 96 Corned Beef Dinner labels with a use by date of 3/22/17. Due by lunch tomorrow

Upcoming dates

  • 3/16/17 Markey Read resume building • 10 am-12 pm (NO CWEs)
  • 3/17/17 Lyndon Design Comp • 10 am -4:30 pm (note early departure from + late return to CTE)
  • 4/6/17 Flynn Theater Show • Bus departs @ 9:15 am (NO CWEs)

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