B | 2.23.17 | Thursday


  • Optional Design contest: http://partners.disney.com/disney-emoji-contest
  • SBAC meeting for all Juniors from 10-10:30 in the Auditorium. MHS students will not attend today’s meeting as they will be taking the SBAC at MHS.
  • English @ 11:15
  • CTE returning students application deadline: March 10th: Don’t forget t complete the Teacher Recommendation form prior to handing in your application
  • Lyndon State College Design Contest: March 17th.
  • Bookjacket meetings today (12:45-1:45): Make sure that you are at the library 10 minutes before your meeting is scheduled to begin (the first person should arrive 5 minutes early). Bring book, thumbnails, research + first comp (clean print with marks + guides, printed to fit on 11×17) + a pencil.
    • 12:45 Charlotte
    • 12:55 Joey
    • 1:05  Spencer
    • 1:15 Kadie
    • 1:25 Dan
    • 1:35 Aislynn

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Copyright presentation @ 11-12: Andrew Manitsky & Audrey Poole  from Karma Birdhouse
  • Bookjacket Unit
    • Imagery: utilize images in Workgroup|Thinkstock folder when at all possible. If you need an image from Thinkstock site, Ms. V will check your thumbnail and approve it before she downloads the image.
    • First Comp client meetings: 2/23 Today 12:45 pm-1:45 pm and 2/24 Friday 10:00 am-11:00 am.
    • When you are ready to print, scale to fit 11×17, DO NOT tile.
  • Dream Montage
    • begin building comp in PS (300 PPI). Due Date: EOD Friday 2.24

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

Late or Missing Work:

  • Bookjacket:
    • First comp was due Monday 2/20
    • Cover rough assignment in InDesign. Save in Semester 2/Assignments. Print, put your name on it and place in hand in box. was due Wednesday 2/15
  • Dream Montage
    • research and ideation: description paragraph. was due Thursday 2/9 EOD. Put your name on it a place in the hand in box
  • Resolution Quiz corrections. due Monday 1/30
    • Using your notes and the handout, correct any errors on the new copy of the quiz. Staple new on top of old and resubmit both.

Upcoming dates:

  • 2. 22 @ 12:45-1:10 and 2.23 @ 12:45-1:45 and 2.24 @ 10-11. Bookjacket client meetings (comps)
  • 2.23 @11-12 pm copyright presentation in DCM 1
  • Friday 2.24: Full student council meeting at noon. Pizza and cider will be served.

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