B | 2.17.17 | Friday


  • Progress reports close today
  • CTE returning students application deadline: March 10th
  • CTE student program visit day 7/8 block: Dan- Pro foods, Dresden- Natural, DCM- Paige Small
  • Jason: Logo for the Exchange & CCV proposal: check in with Ms. B before leaving for weekend

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  •  Bookjacket Unit
    • Id: Paragraph type attributes
    • workflow particulars when using Id, AI and PS
    • work day
    • First Comp client meetings are scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday morning, stay tuned
    • Arvid: Measure jacket & build template in Id. Print (tile), assemble and fit to book. Repeat until jacket fits. Once you have sign off from instructor (instructor will initial jacket) then you can build the comp
    • Comp due EOD Monday 2/20
  • Dream Montage
    • begin building comp is PS (300 PPI). Due Date: TBD

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

Late or Missing Work:

  • Bookjacket:
    • Cover rough assignment in InDesign. Save in Semester 2/Assignments. Print, put your name on it and place in hand in box. Due 2/15
  • Dream Montage
    • research and ideation: description paragraph was due Thursday 2/9 EOD. Put your name on it a place in the hand in box
  • Resolution Quiz corrections. was due Monday 1/30
    • Using your notes and the handout, correct any errors on the new copy of the quiz. Staple new on top of old and resubmit both.
  • Stationery packet: BC/Letterhead was due Friday 1/20

Upcoming dates:

  • 2.17 current CTE students: 7/8 alternate program choice visits
  • 2. 20 and 2.21 Bookjacket client meetings (comps) @ 10:00 am
  • Friday 2.24: Full student council meeting at noon. Pizza and cider will be served.
  • Wednesday 2.22: Youth Risk Behavior Survey (10-11)

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