B | 2.13.17 | Monday


  • Welcome Mr. Bruce! He will be assisting Ms. V again today
  • Lane Press:  Olivia
  • CTE returning students application process: on 2/15 Emmy will be in DCM to explain the process
  • Savanah: once you have the get well card for Mr. Lemon finished, print (scale to fit on 11 x 17) and place in hand in box
  • Jason: Logo for the Exchange; finish up the last renditions with the new color/type  and print

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  •  Bookjacket Unit
    • Cover rough assignment in InDesign. Due EOD today. Save in Semester 2/Assignments. Print, put your name on it and place in hand in box
    • Check facts in authors bio. Update if needed and print a copy of the source you used (include when you hand in, see next bullet)
    • Word process book description & authors bio. Due EOD Today Print and place in hand-in box along with your original cover (paper clipped to it!)
    • Students who need to develop additional thumbnails (Spencer, Joey, Dan) for your cleint; they need to completed and delivered to Ms. Gulick by EOD tomorrow
    • Olivia- you need to schedule a meeting with your client (hopefully this afternoon) to present your thumbnails to your client
    • If you have a clear direction from your client after your thumbnail meeting, you can start looking for imagery. Remember, just gather thumbnail versions (low-res) and do not manipulate them until we have created the template (Tuesday)
  • Dream Montage
    • begin building comp is PS (300 PPI). Due Date: TBD

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

  • Bookjacket:
    • Book description + authors bio. Print out google doc and turn in with original bookjacket. * Due today 2/13
    • Revised thumbnails to client (Joey, Spencer, Dan): * by EOD tomorrow 2/14
    • Cover rough assignment in InDesign Due EOD today 2/13
  •   Dream Montage
    • First comp  * Due date: TBD

Late or Missing Work:

  • Dream Montage
    • research and ideation: description paragraph was due Thursday 2/9 EOD. Put your name on it a place in the hand in box
  • Reminder: CCV GD 1 project proposals was due EDO Friday 2/10. Make sure your name is on them and place in hand-in box
  • Resolution Quiz corrections. was due Monday 1/30
    • Using your notes and the handout, correct any errors on the new copy of the quiz. Staple new on top of old and resubmit both.
  • Stationery packet: BC/Letterhead was due Friday 1/20

Upcoming dates:

  • 2.14 & 2. 15 MHS visits
  • Returning students: 2/15 Emmy 9:50 2nd year application process
  • 2.16 CVU visit
  • 2.17 current CTE students: 7/8 alternate program choice visits
  • Friday 2.24: Full student council meeting at noon. Pizza and cider will be served.
  • Wednesday 2.22: Youth Risk Behavior Survey (10-11)

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