B | 1.17.17 | Tuesday


  • EHS Exam Week updates (Jan 19th-23rd):
    • EHS students are expected to attend CTE, except during a EHS exam.
    • Bussing: if you need a bus to the Islands or Essex Town, you need to sign up for a ride in the CTE Main Office during EHS exam week
    • Lunch change: Rink is closed
  • Digital Painting with Ms. Vaida begins today!
  • English @ 11:15
  • Camera return: Charlotte
  • Tomorrow: Student Council Mindfulness/Circle Meeting for those who would like to participate.  Student should bring a lunch, or have lunch before the meeting at 12:00 in room M116
  • Enrolling in CCV Fast Forward classes Graphic Design 1 & Intro to Adobe Creative Cloud:
    • Tomorrow (1.18), Emmy will be in DCM to enroll students
    • students will need to have their social security number 
    • or know how to get into their CCV portal to expedite the process.

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Create a new Semester Two folder on the server! It’s time 🙂
  • Digital Painting:
    • Introduction to Digital Painting in PS, brushes + tablet
    • Introduction to first assignment: Coloring Book
      • Download coloring book (workgroup/coloring book)
      • save to Semester Two/Assignments/Digital Painting/Coloring Book
  • Book jacket re-brand project…… the beginning
    • choose book to read (Ben, Danny & Spencer)
    • sign out book in library
    • read book. Due: 1.31.17

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

Late or Missing Work:

Upcoming dates:

  • 1/18 CCV Fast Forward enrollment with Emmy (bring SS# number with you)
  • 1/19 Winooski High visit day
  • 1/19 Make up CWE (Danny + Courtney)
  • 1/20 Full student council meeting 12:00 in room M116, pizza and cider will be provided.
  • 1/26 Semester 2 begins

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