B | 12.22.16 | Thursday


  • We made it, welcome to the last class of 2016!!!
  • Do not come to school on Monday January 2nd. No-one will be here. Classes resume Tuesday 1/3
  • DCM party: Deliver all your goodies to the production room
  • English: we will have English at 10:00 this morning.
  • T-Shirt design check in: questions, comments?

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  1. Please turn in one folded/cut thank you card for grading.
  2. Your thank you cards + job shadow info cards must be completed and addressed before you partake in DCM festivities….
    1. Build thank you cards in AI. Artboard size:6.25 x 9
    2. Print 5 cards: send to printer, Ms. V will make sure they are on nice paper
  3. Celebration time!!!

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

Late or Missing Work:

  • Job Shadow work both were due Monday 12/19
    • Student Assessments
    • drafts of thank you letters
  • Job Shadow Informational Cards due Weds EOD 12/21
  • Stationery Thank you card due EOD Weds 12/21

Upcoming dates:

  • 12.22.16 Last day of school for 2016 + DCM party!

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