B | 12.20.16 | Tuesday


  • Champlain College Capstone exhibit thank you card: If we don’t have a volunteer today, we will be creative and pick someone who……… is in the second year (!) (you guys are off the hook!!)
  • DCM party:  Who is bringing something for the sandwich bar? A few more desserts, perhaps? Add your name to the list…………
  • English @ 11:15

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Plan for today:
    1. In addition to the thank you note to your host, please draft a thank you note to Dan Post Senning, thanking him for the presentation and making a connection between the job shadow experience and one thing he taught you. Print and turn in (due EOD today)
  • Plan for the Week. New and improved priorities! (subject to revision):
    1. Complete Student Assessment of your employer. Check Gradebook, it will tell you if you did not hand it in (STILL MISSING EVALS from TWO students)
    2. Create a Google doc and script a thank you to your host/s. Be sure to include at least one example of something you discovered, learned etc while on your shadow. Print and turn in
    3. Finish your Job Shadow Information Cards (due ASAP but, by EOD Weds 12/21 the latest)
    4. Meet with an instructor to choose and develop logo for stationery.
    5. Stationery/Thank you card + envelope (due EOD Weds)
    6. finish Pin Design (new final due date EOD Weds 1/4/17)
    7. Stationery/rest of packet (BC +  letterhead) (also due after break)

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

  • Stationery packet Thank you card due EOD Weds 12/21 (rest of packet due after break)
    • step one: meet with a teacher to choose which logo to use.
    • step two: revise your logo based on teacher feedback.
    • step three: design your thank you card + envelope so you can write/send your job shadow thank you’s.
  • Pin Design Final due date EOD Weds 1/4
    • Based on the comments from Friday’s roundtable, make revisions to your pin
    • you can only use images that you create, photograph or get from Thinkstock
    • use placeholder images until you get instructor permission. Once approved, then work with Ms. Vaida to get final versions.
  • Job Shadow Informational Cards due EOD 12/21
  • SkillsUSA optional contests:

Late or Missing Work:

  • Job Shadow work both were due Monday 12/19
    • Student Assessments
    • drafts of thank you letters

Upcoming dates:

  • 12.22.16 Last day of school for 2016 + DCM party!

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