B | 12.14.16 | Wednesday


  • Today | Job shadows : Spencer, Ben, Joey, Dresden, Aislynn, Charlotte Bring your: folder (questions, info card, contact info) and something to write with • lunch • ID • Ask bus driver if they will be picking you up and at what time.
  • Thursday | Job shadows: Arvid, Ben | Have your folder ready to go | Make sure you confirm transportation with your driver
  • Champlain College Capstone exhibit: who wants to design the thank you card for Coby + Chris?
  • Welcome Pre-Tech! They will be visiting today at 10 am, so we can help them make their salsa tri-fold displays!

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Pre-tech Salsa display design. All hands on deck!
    • 5 groups: 4 groups of 3 and one group of 4. Have each group set up a folder in workgroup/Salsa Posters. Save all image assets+ files in the group folder. 
    • Trifolds are 28″ x 40″ with three panels-10″+20″+10″.
      • Set up 3 artboards: #1 10″x28″ #2 20″x28″ #3 10″x28″
    • There are Thinkstock images in Salsa Posters to use in the tri-folds. Make sure to right-click on .eps files and open in Illustrator to access vectors.
  • Work time:
    • Pin Design project. TRACK your time!
      • #1: research brief + thumbnails; #2: meet with instructor to choose pin #3: begin digital comp
      • Image usage restrictions (bookmark Thinkstock.com for all your stock image needs)
        • no google images
        • you can only use images that you create, photograph or get from Thinkstock
        • use placeholder images until you get instructor permission. Once approved, then work with Ms. Vaida to get
    • Personal Logo Design.
      • #1 mind map/thumbnails #2 meet with an instructor for feedback and direction on thumbnails #3 Build digital artboards
    • Job Shadow Unit
      • Complete Student Assessment of your employer.
      • Create a Google doc and script a thank you to your host/s. Be sure to include at least one example of something you discovered, learned etc while on your shadow.
      • Information Card: begin each card as you finish each job shadow. submit for teacher feedback as you go.
    • SkillsUSA T-shirt, Photography, Advertising Design competition (optional)

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

Late or Missing Work:

Upcoming dates:

  • 12.14.16 Pre-Tech visits to make posters for their Salsa unit. 10-12 pm
  • 12.22.16 Last day of school for 2016!

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