A | 12.9.16 | Friday


  • Today | Job shadows : Savanah
    • folder (questions, info card, contact info) and something to write with
    • lunch
    • ID
    • ask bus driver if they will be picking you up and at what time.
  • Monday | Job shadows: Jason, Charlotte | Have your folder ready to go. Make sure you confirm transportation with your driver.
  • Offset House tour thank you card: please sign. Thanks Spencer!
  • Final day for CCV College options (Dual Enrollment/Fast Forward) for spring 2017— Graphic Design 1, Digital Photography, Digital Image Manipulation.
  • Quarter 2 progress reports close today, time flies when you are learning and having fun!
  • Full Student Council meeting @ 12:00 pizza and cider provided
  • SkillsUSA presentation @10 am
  • 11:00 review grading process for your first project: type sculpture
    • how grading is done (design/production)
    • comments
    • file/file management for final portfolio
    • common challenges: layers, swatches, time tracking, imageography

Today’s Lesson Plan:

    • Pin Design project.
      • Time Track: new sheet on your desk
      • Bookmark Thinkstock.com for all your stock image needs 🙂
      • Review image usage restrictions
        • no google images
        • you can only use images that you create, photograph or get from Thinkstock
        • use placeholder images until you get instructor permission. Once approved, then work with Ms. Vida to get
      • begin research brief + thumbnails
    • Personal Logo Design
      • Use manilla folder for all the parts
      • Finish mind map/work on thumbnails
      • logo sketches (1 of each logo type) meet with an instructor for feedback and direction
      • Begin building digital artboards
    • Job Shadow Information Cards
      • Create a Google doc and script a thank you to your host/s. Be sure to include at least one example of something you discovered, learned etc while on your shadow.
      • begin each card as you finish each job shadow. submit for teacher feedback as you go.

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

Late or Missing Work:

  • color palette assignment due EOD Friday 11/18
  • Reading: Due  11/30
    • Publication Design read p. 52-65 (stop before color + graphic production)
    • Orange book. p. 130-136 (stop before visual identity) + p. 143-145 (stop before symbols).
  • Logo Assignment #1 Due  11/30

Upcoming dates:

  • 12.13.16 Champlain College Capstone Exhibit, stay tuned for more information

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