B | 11.30.16 | Wednesday (2nd year)


  • CWE:
    • Brian; Lane Press
    • Alayna; visit Pop Color at 9:45 am. Get paperwork signed tonight. First full day will be next Tuesday.
    • Mayla; bring in paperwork, tomorrow will be your first full day at Offset (Ms. Papp will take you)
  • Mayla: Cosmo 2 head shots at 10:15 am.
  • Entrepreneurship Contest: Bumper Sticker Design (this is worth money if you win…)
  • Tyler: meet with instructors on Wednesday afternoon re: Passion Project

Projects/Assignments/Client Work

  • ALL. Passion Project
    • We will begin working in Premiere as a group, stay tuned
  • Tyler. 17000. Essex Rotary Hockey Poster. Client: Jeff Cabanaw
    • begin thumbnails
  • Alayna. 17001. Independence Market Gardens Logo. Client: Natasha Halverson
    • find new thinkstock images of vegetables. place a bunch of thumbnail images on an artboard and print out. Do not edit/trace/manipulate any of them at this point.
  • Apollo. 17007. Little Ones University Logo. Client: Kristen Fontaine
    • waiting on client response. 
  • Tyler. 17008. EHS/CTE Nurse’s office branding project. Client: Karen Harlow (+ nurse staff)
    • see notes on research document. Print nurse station photo large and begin to figure out what content will go where
    • Continue developing logo ideas using both names. waiting for teacher feedback.
  • Alayna. 17015. CTE Marketing Project. Client: Carrie Dickinson
    • waiting for instruction from instructors. We will send an email to get this project re-started in the next week or so.
  • Matt. 17017. Coffee House Poster. Client: Nick Stokes
    • Deliver laminated posters.
    • Prepare files + submit to Ms. V for grading
  • Brian. 17027. Childcare Infographic. Clients: Norm Poutre, Connie Esmay, Lissa Bogner, Chris Chase
    • continue developing first comp
  • Tyler. 17036. 2 Quote Posters for Building Systems. Client: Shawn Rouleau
    • see client response on Chamberlain poster (antiquated paper), make revisions and reprint
  • Apollo. 17039. DCM recruitment materials update. Client: Tracey Brown & Robin Perlah
    • review images (from Ms. P) and develop layout based on this feel/theme/approach
    • Develop new iconography/line art to be used in brochure.
  • Matt. 17042. Purim Poster. Client: Jan Salzman
    • begin thumbnails for logo. Thumbnail sketches due EOD today
    • research Purim
  • Mayla. 17044. Apple Cider Labels. Client: Brian Japp
    • make changes to large label based on teacher feedback.
    • once both label are instructor approved, send to client for review
  • Tyler  17035. Pre-Tech recruitment video. Client: Rebecca Morse
    • Meet with Ms. P this afternoon.
      • review and mark all footage, create timeline/storyboard, import clips into Premiere and begin cutting footage up.
  • Apollo. 17053. Dental Assisting logo. Client: Beth Ladd
    • meeting is Nov. 30th (that’s today!). While waiting for client meeting, begin researching logo ideas for other dental programs. 
  • Matt. 17003. EHS Winter Concert poster + program. Client: Nick Stokes & Heather Finlayson
    • Waiting on feedback from client.
  • Mayla. 17057 EHS Winter Ball poster + tickets
    • review folder and send intro email to client (send email before the EOD today)
    • begin thumbnail/comps for poster and ticket. First comp due EOD today. 
  • Matt. 17031 EHS Band Swing Away the Winter Blues Concert Poster/Program. Client: Heather Finlayson
    • Email Ms. Finlayson to ask for any particular thematic considerations.
    • Ticket first comp due to instructors EOD Thursday.
  • Brian. 17059 After the Bell labels. Client: John Dowman
    • send email to client introducing yourself and requesting numbers and freeze by date. due EOD today
    • Work with Ms. Vaida to learn the process for building the labels.
    • First proof due to instructor on Friday
    • Labels will be run on Tuesday
  • Apollo. 17052 Fine Arts Showcase poster. Client: Tina Logan 
    • Familiarize yourself with the job (review last year’s job folder).
    • Send an introductory email to Tina, ask if she would like to come to the studio to meet and ask if they have any ideas for theme.

Upcoming dates

  • 12.1.16: student council mindfulness meeting
  • 12.13.16: Champlain College Capstone trip

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