B | 11.28.16 | Monday


  • Welcome back! We hope everyone had a restful break.
  • Before we start morning meeting…. it’s moving day; welcome to your new neighborhood 🙂
  • Thank you cards:
    • Savanah—Dealer.com: print
    • Spencer—Offset House: complete comp and submit for review
  • Collect job shadow paperwork from Charlotte, Courtney, Dresden and Dan
  • Dan Post Senning professional Etiquette presentation tomorrow 10-11am
  • Place sketchbook assignment in hand-in box (make sure your name is on it)
  • CCV College options (Dual Enrollment/Fast Forward) for spring 2017— Graphic Design 1, Digital Photography, Digital Image Manipulation
  • Connect to new server: dcm.ccsuvt.org

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Resend your work to the printer and submit any work that didn’t get printed last week.
  • Package Typography Sculpture
  • Publication Design (take your new book with you), read p. 52-65 (stop before color + graphic production)
  • Prep for Dan Post Senning presentation. 3 questions about etiquette.
  • Intro to Logo/Identity Unit

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

Late or Missing Work:

Upcoming dates:

  • 11.29.16: NAVY @11:00 in the conference room
  • 12.1.16 student council mindfulness meeting
  • 12.2.16: Vermont Army National Guard @11:00 in the conference room
  • 12.6.16 and 12.7. 16: MMU visits
  • 12.13.16 Champlain College Capstone Exhibit, stay tuned for more information

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