B | 11.4.16 | Friday


  • Spirit Week, day 5: Comfy Day!
  • Danny- laptop return
  • MHS students: Joey and Spencer, if you take the bus back to Milton at the end of the day, today the bus is leaving at 1:30! Please be on time
  • Thank you cards: waiting on teacher feedback. Jason: meet with instructor re: Lane Press thank you card.
  • Quarter 1 ends today

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Workday: continue building Typographic Sculpture in AI. Turn in whatever you have completed before you leave for the day today.
    • When you are done with your first comp:
      • turn it in (duplex, do not cut) for teacher feedback
      • Either work on one of the contests (google doodle or bumper sticker design) OR find a type tutorial to complete.

Due Dates: (* means new today) 

Late or Missing Work:

  • Sketchbook Assignment: Type as Meaning.  was due Thursday 11/3
  • Project A10 | Typographic Sculpture
    • Turn inProject folders: so we can give you a grade for concept development. Make sure you include your research sheet (print it out), thumbnail sheets, and rough(s).was Due EOD Monday 10/31
  • Read Graphic Design Solutions (the orange book). Chapter 2: p. 26-34 (stop at the bottom of first column– ending with “printing or digital loading”).
    • Take notes on bold terms and the 5 steps to solving a design problem. Was due 10/27
  • hierarchy exercise. Was Due EOD Tuesday (10/18)
  • Shooting Assignment: Rule of Thirds. Was Due BOD Wednesday (10/19)
    • If you haven’t started shooting outside of school, try to check a camera out at some point this week, and try to find more personally engaging locations to shoot.
    • Import into LR and submit printed contact sheet.
  • Pivot Portrait. Due EOD Wednesday (10/19)

Upcoming dates:

  • 11.08.16 NO SCHOOL (Election Day)
  • 11.09.16 (Wednesday) Dealer.com tour/field trip
  • 11.15.16 NEIT presentation
  • 11.16.16 (Wednesday) Offset House tour/field trip

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