B | 10.27.16 | Thursday


  • Ms. Papp, our career coordinator, will be returning over the next week or so to meet with you each individually regarding your career interest assessment.
  • Student Council– Halloween-o-grams update?
  • CTE Appreciation Days are today and tomorrow, which means there will be visitors in the building both days, and less parking available.
  • English today at 11:15 am.

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Folding dummies; set up digital document to size and scale (NEW SIZE: 5″ x 16″) with bleeds.
  • Review of the design process: research/thumbs/roughs.
  • Take your favorite thumbnail and translate to your dummy (this is your rough)

Due Dates: (* means new today)

  • Read Graphic Design Solutions (the orange book). Chapter 2: p. 26-34 (stop at the bottom of first column– ending with “printing or digital loading”).
    • Take notes on bold terms and the 5 steps to solving a design problem. We will check to make sure this was completed at the start of the day on Thursday. 
  • Project A10 | Typographic Sculpture Final Due Date TBD
    • Step #1– Build dummy, thumbnails and do research. Due EOD Thursday 9/27
      • Your thumbnails will count as your sketchbook assignment this week.
      • You will create at least one folding dummy with different folds
      • You will create three thumbnail sketches of the front and the back using either rhythm or emphasis as your guiding principle (six drawings total)
      • You will use the provided template (research sheet) for your visual research

Late or Missing Work:

  • hierarchy exercise. Due EOD Tuesday (10/18)
  • Shooting Assignment: Rule of Thirds. Due BOD Wednesday (10/19)
    • If you haven’t started shooting outside of school, try to check a camera out at some point this week, and try to find more personally engaging locations to shoot.
    • Import into LR and submit printed contact sheet.
  • Pivot Portrait. Due EOD Wednesday (10/19)

Upcoming dates:

  • 10.27.16 + 10.28.16 CTE Appreciation Days (formerly known as Community Service Days). Older members of the community (60 +) are invited to come take advantage of services provided by CTE programs. On-campus parking is affected.
  • 11.02.16 (Wednesday) Lane Press tour/field trip
  • 11.09.16 (Wednesday) Dealer.com tour/field trip
  • 11.15.16 NEIT presentation
  • 11.16.16 (Wednesday) Offset House tour/field trip

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