A | 10.19.16 | Wednesday


  • Equipment return: Cameras; Jason, Charlotte

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • worktime: DCM work is your first priority. If you are all caught up, then you have the following choices:
  • Movie day

Due Dates: (* means new today)

  • Shooting Assignment: Rule of Thirds. Due BOD Wednesday (10/19)
    • If you haven’t started shooting outside of school, try to check a camera out at some point this week, and try to find more personally engaging locations to shoot.
    • Import into LR and submit printed contact sheet.
  • Pivot Portrait. Due EOD today (10/19)

Late/Missing Work:

  • Sketchbook assignment: Rhythm Due BOD Thursday  (10/13)
  • Hand drawn type exercise. Due EOD Friday (10/14)
  • hierarchy exercise. Due EOD Tuesday (10/18)

Upcoming dates:

  • 10.20/10.21 NO SCHOOL
  • student council meeting Monday 10/24 
  • 10.26.16 Ben & Jerry’s Tour (re-scheduled due to PSATs)
  • 10.25.2016 Career Coordinator visit
  • 11.15.16 NEIT presentation

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