A | 10.11.16 | Tuesday (2nd year)


  • CWE: Tyler & Mayla
  • 11:15 individual worker trait meetings resume: Apollo, Alayna, Brian and Tyler
  • Community Appreciation Days are Thursday and Friday (10/27 + 10/28). Mayla will photograph on Thursday and Brian will photograph on Friday. See instructor for more details.
  • Alayna: client meeting at 10:30.
  • Make sure to READ your Ways of Seeing project requirements. Remember you must shoot at least a little bit each week.

Projects/Assignments/Client Work

  • ALL. Photo Editing Assignment. Due EOD Friday 10/14
  • ALL. Photography Project: Ways of Seeing. Due EOD November 11 
    • Review project requirements: ways-of-seeing
    • Note that you are expected to shoot each week. If you plan on shooting on campus, be prepared for critical evaluation of composition and content. Better choice would be to plan ahead, check out a camera and shoot off-site.
  • ALL. Passion Project
    • Continue research/ideation/sketching.
    • Begin gathering images + building print piece(s). Be prepared to show give an update to instructors this week. Research sheet + thumbs/roughs for print piece due before Oct break. Begin developing storyboard for motion graphic/video component. 
  • Tyler. 17000. Essex Rotary Hockey Program. Client: Jeff Cabanaw
    • Draft follow up/check in email.
  • Alayna. 17001. Independence Market Gardens Logo. Client: Natasha Halverson
    • Print out any supporting materials.
    • Google Hangout meeting at 10:30. Set up in the production room.
  • Matt. 17002. EHS Choral Concert program. Client: Nick Stokes
    • Comp due to Nick. Due: lunch today.
  • Apollo. 17007. Little Ones University Logo. Client: Kristen Fontaine
    • Meeting is Thursday.
  • Tyler. 17008. EHS/CTE Nurse’s office branding project. Client: Karen Harlow (+ nurse staff)
    • see notes on research document. Print nurse station photo large and begin to figure out what content will go where.
    • Photograph nurses office window (to be included in the re-brand)
    • waiting on client response (name)
  • Brian. 17013. VT Philharmonic. Client (poster/PC/Ad): Polly McMurty + Client (program): Edie Miller
    • See Ms. V for help with DAM. ready file for grading and turn in
  • Alayna. 17015. CTE Marketing Project. Client: Carrie Dickinson
    • waiting for instruction from instructors.
  • Matt. 17017. Coffee House Poster. Client: Nick Stokes
    • See email from Mr. Stokes. Begin by playing with hand drawn typefaces from da Font.
  • Brian. 17022. GIV leave behind update. Client: Karen Taylor-Mitchell.
    • Waiting for instructor to art direct
  • Matt. 17026. EHS Band Poster. Client: Heather Finlayson. Delivery date: Oct. 12
    • Prep files for grading and turn in to Ms. V. today
  • Brian. 17027. Childcare Infographic. Clients: Norm Poutre, Connie Esmay, Lissa Bogner, Chris Chase
    • Begin developing first comp based on meeting with Mr. Poutre. Meet with instructor to update regarding meeting. Due: EOD today
  • Tyler. 17036. 2 Quote Posters for Building Systems. Client: Shawn Rouleau
    • Waiting for client response and teacher feedback.
  • Alayna. 17038. GIV winter weekend/Asian culture PC. Client: Karen Taylor-Mitchell. Delivery date: Nov. 1
    • finish comp one. Due EOD today
  • Apollo. 17039. DCM recruitment materials update. Client: Tracey Brown & Robin Perlah
    • Meet with an instructor.
    • Develop new iconography to be used in brochure.
  • Mayla. 17040. After the Bell 10/13 (Chili). Client: John Dowman
    • ready folder for grading and turn in
  • 17041. VT Philharmonic: Messiah. Poster/PC/Ad/Program. Client: Polly McMurty (poster/PC/Ad) + Edie Miller (program)
  • 17042. Purim Poster. Client: Jan Salzman
  • 17043. Urinetown Playbil. Client: Aly Perry
  • Mayla. 17044. Apple Cider Labels. Client: Jason Kittredge
    • see instructor for update
    • waiting for sample containers from client
  • Apollo. 17045. Spirit Week Posters. Client: Linda Dulleba
    • see email from client containing spirit week themes
    • meet with instructor for update
    • begin developing comp
  • Alayna. 17046. Passion 4 Paws; puppy of the month poster
    • waiting on content from client
    • review files from last year to familiarize yourself with the organization

Upcoming Dates

  • Woman Can Do conference: at Vermont Technical College on October 13 from 7 am- 3:45 pm.
  • October 20 & 21 No School
  • CTE Appreciation Days. October 27+28

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