B | 10.10.16 | Monday


  • Welcome to Monday, on this day in 1857, did you know that the American Chess Association was formed in New York City?
  • Camera return- Arvid

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Photography
    • Aperture review 
    • Photo editing basics in Lightroom
    • Shooting Assignment: Aperture + Shutter review + composition (rule of thirds)
    • Editing Assignment: see below
  • DBI (blue book) p.246-249 (text alignment + leading/letterspacing)
    • review reading and definitions
    • make sure to turn in definitions for credit in GD
  • After break:
    • New sketchbook assignment: Rhythm!  !!  !  !!  !  !!
    • History of printing process assignment
      • complete revisions and re-submit by EOD tomorrow

Due Dates: (* means new today)

  • Read DBI (blue book) p.246-249 (text alignment + leading/letterspacing) Due: BOD Monday (10/10) today
  • Type assignment: Type as Shape/Pattern due EOD Monday (10/10) today
  • Printing book pages revisions due EOD Tuesday (10/11)
  • Type Assignment: Song Lyric due EOD Wednesday (10/12)
  • * Sketchbook assignment: Rhythm Due BOD Thursday (10/13)
  • * Photo Editing Assignment: Due EOD Friday (10/14)
  • * Shooting Assignment: Rule of Thirds. Due BOD Wednesday (10/19)
    • If you haven’t started shooting outside of school, try to check a camera out at some point this wee, and try to find more personally engaging settings to shoot.
    • Import into LR and submit printed contact sheet.

Late/Missing Work:

  • Adobe Design Center Assignment: make edits/corrections and reprint.
    • -Arvid- replace older version with the updated revised file JPEG in Groups/workgroup/Adobe Design Center
    • Dresden, Kade and Danny-check use artboard in JPEG setting and replace JPEG
  • Shutter: was due BOD Wednesday (10/5)
    • Import photos directly into your LR catalog. Make a contact sheet; print and turn in.

Upcoming dates:

  • 10.13.16 Woman Can Do conference: at Vermont Technical College in Randolph VT. 7:00 am -3:45 pm.
  • 10.19.16 Ben & Jerry’s tour
  • 10.20/10.21 NO SCHOOL

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