A | 10.7.16 | Friday


  • There will be a student council meeting at 12:00 in room M116, for those members who want to help plan and implement our Spirit Week this year.  Please send only those members who specifically want to work on this. There will not be food at this meeting.

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Introduction to Typography: Review yesterday’s reading and definitions.
  • Read DBI (blue book) p.246-249 (text alignment + leading/letterspacing)
  • Intro to new assignment: Song Lyric. see below for details.
  • After break: History of printing process assignment
    • unify pages (typeface, color, composition)
    • make corrections to content

Due Dates: 

  • Read DBI (blue book) p.246-249 (text alignment + leading/letterspacing) Due: BOD Monday (10/10)
  • Type Assignment: Song Lyric due EOD Wednesday (10/6)
  • Type assignment: Type as Shape/Pattern due EOD Monday (10/10)
  • Printing book pages due EOD Friday (10/7)

Late/Missing Work:

  • Sketchbook assignment: Shelburne Museum  was due BOD Thursday (10/6)
  • Elements poster was due EOD Thursday (9/29). 
  • Adobe Design Center Assignment: make edits/corrections and reprint. was Due EOD Monday (10/3)
    • Staple revised poster to the one with teacher edits (so we can compare).
      • Please print (print all artboards on 1 piece of tabloid paper), put name on it and place in hand-in box.
  • Shutter: was due BOD Wednesday (10/5)
    • Import photos directly into your LR catalog. Make a contact sheet; print and turn in.

Upcoming dates:

  • 10.13.16 Woman Can Do conference: at Vermont Technical College in Randolph VT. 7:00 am -3:45 pm.
  • 10.19.16 Ben & Jerry’s tour
  • 10.20/10.21 NO SCHOOL

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