B | 10.6.16 | Thursday (2nd year)


  • Shelburne Museum sketchbook assignment due EOD today
  • Tyler CWE
  • 11:15 individual worker trait meetings (& passion project check in) start today: Mayla, Apollo, Matt, Alayna, Brian and Tyler
  • There will be a student council meeting at 12:00 in room M116 tomorrow, for those members who want to help plan and implement our Spirit Week this year.  Please send only those members who specifically want to work on this. There will not be food at this meeting.

Projects/Assignments/Client Work

  • Missing. Shutter assignment for Digital Photography.Mayla and Matt
    • Import photos directly into your LR catalog. Make a contact sheet, print and turn in.
  • ALL. Passion Project
    • Continue research/ideation/sketching.
    • Begin gathering images + building print piece(s)
  • Tyler. 17000. Essex Rotary Hockey Program. Client: Jeff Cabanaw
    • Waiting on client response.
  • Alayna. 17001. Independence Market Gardens Logo. Client: Natasha Halverson
    • find alternate time for meeting and send email. Due by lunch today
    • While you are waiting, begin researching market gardens and start ideation process.
  • Matt. 17002. EHS Choral Concert program. Client: Nick Stokes
    • We need to send something to Nick!!! Add imagery, turn in for art direction. Due BOD tomorrow
    • Send Nick an email to let him know that you have all the content.
  • Apollo. 17007. Little Ones University Logo. Client: Kristen Fontaine
    • Waiting for confirmation on client/transportation
  • Tyler. 17008. EHS/CTE Nurse’s office branding project. Client: Karen Harlow (+ nurse staff)
    • see notes on research document. Print nurse station photo large and begin to figure out what content will go where.
    • waiting on client response (name)
  • 17010. Unified District branding/marketing
  • Brian. 17013. VT Philharmonic. Client (poster/PC/Ad): Polly McMurty + Client (program): Edie Miller
    • Waiting for client reply. 
  • Alayna. 17015. CTE Marketing Project. Client: Carrie Dickinson
    • meeting today @ 9:30
  • Matt. 17017. Coffee House Poster. Client: Nick Stokes
    • hand sketch using source image of coffee cup art and scan. Due: EOD Today
  • Brian. 17022. GIV leave behind update. Client: Karen Taylor-Mitchell.
    • Finish updating the colors and turn in for teacher feedback. Waiting on updated content from client.
  • Matt. 17026. EHS Band Poster. Client: Heather Finlayson. Delivery date: Oct. 12
    • Make last changes (light stroke around blue letters) and send to client. Due EOD today
  • Brian. 17027. Childcare Infographic. Clients: Norm Poutre, Connie Esmay, Lissa Bogner, Chris Chase
    • Waiting for client response. Send reminder email.
  • Tyler. 17036. 2 Quote Posters for Building Systems. Client: Shawn Rouleau
    • See client email and set up meeting. Due EOD today
  • Alayna. 17038. GIV winter weekend/Asian culture PC. Client: Karen Taylor-Mitchell. Delivery date: Nov. 1
    • Finish developing first comp and print for instructor feedback. Due EOD Today
  • Apollo. 17039. DCM recruitment materials update. Client: Tracey Brown & Robin Perlah
    • See feedback form instructor, make revisions and re-submit. due: EOD Today
    • Develop new iconography to be used in brochure.

Upcoming Dates

  • Woman Can Do conference: at Vermont Technical College on October 13 from 7 am- 3:45 pm.

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