A | 10.3.16 | Monday


  • Happy Monday, please welcome Ms. Gustafson to DCM. She will be working with you and Ms. Vaida today
  • Sketchbook assignment for this week will be assigned tomorrow. Don’t panic as the assignment will be completed during our trip to Shelburne Museum….aren’t you curious now?
  • Camera return: Ben
  • No equipment can be checked out today or tonight, sorry 😦

Today’s Lesson Plan:

Due Dates: 

  • Emphasis composition  due EOD today (10/3). Please print (print all artboards on 1 piece of tabloid paper), put name on it and place in hand-in box.
  • Printing book pages due EOD Friday (10/7)
  • Adobe Design Center Assignment: make edits/corrections and reprint. Due EOD today (10/3)
  • Shutter: Due BOD Wednesday (10/5)
    • Import photos directly into your LR catalog. Make a contact sheet; print and turn in.

Late/Missing Work:

Upcoming dates:

  • 10.05.16 Shelburne Museum field trip
  • 10.13.16 Woman Can Do conference: at Vermont Technical College in Randolph VT. 7:00 am -3:45 pm.

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