B | 09.08.16| Thursday


  • Check email + powerschool each morning before morning meeting…
  • English today at 11:15 am

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Make sure your name is on the back of What is Graphic Design? poster.
  • Pop quiz on reading/DAM (DO NOT CLICK ON UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO): https://goo.gl/forms/Wy25a0o8LUqB7kLR2
  • Discuss reading.
  • Illustrator:
    • Object oriented software/vectors. Paths/closed paths/object types
    • Tools: Arrange, Shape tools, stroke (+ variable strokes).
  • Work time on Graphic Design Collage

Due Dates:

  • Reading: Graphic Design Solutions, Chapter 1 pages 4-21. Due BOD 9.8.16 
  • Graphic Design Collage due EOD Friday

Upcoming dates:

  • CTE ID photos tomorrow (9.8.16)
  • CTE Opening Assembly 9.20.16 @ 10:00

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