A | 09.07.16 | Wednesday (2nd year)


  • Camera refresher will be next week, we will let you know at least one day in advance so you can bring in your camera if you have one.
  • Design Studio meeting tomorrow (we promise):
    • review client interaction/email
    • introduce design studio workflow and digital asset management (make sure you have read both handouts prior to tomorrow’s meeting)
  • CCV courses: Make sure you have your supplies (see email from Emmy), first class is this Friday
  • mandatory DCM 1 & 2 admin meeting in Pre-Tech 1 @ 1:00 pm
  • Student Assembly speakers: Tyler & Matt (you will both present together; thanks for volunteering!)

Projects/Assignments/Client Work

  • ALL. Design Studio Stationery (letterhead/envelope/BC/thank you card). Client: DCM (Design & Creative Media).
    • Comp 1 review instructor comments and re-submit. Due BOD (missing: Brian, Tyler & Alayna)
    • You will each design a coordinated stationery set to use while in the Design Studio, as a junior designer in the Design Studio @ DCM. Include the contact information provided on the blog, including hours + phone #.  Also include your email address.
    • Set up stationery in 1 AI file, with multiple artboards: BC (may have bleeds: 2″x 3.5″ and may be duplexed), letterhead (8.5″ x 11″ NO BLEED), envelope (4.125″ x 9.5″ NO BLEED)
    • Save to: Groups/Design Studio/2016-17/PROJECTS & ASSIGNMENTS/DCM Stationery/your name
  • ALL. Passion Project.
  • 17000. Essex Rotary Hockey Program
  • 17001. Independence Market Gardens Logo. Client: Natasha Halverson
  • 17002. EHS Choral Concert.
  • 17007. Little Ones University Logo. Client: Kristen Fontaine
    • Email client to introduce yourself and invite her into CTE for a meeting.
  • 17008. EHS/CTE Nurse’s office branding project
  • 17010. Unified District branding/marketing
  • Alayna. 17011. Hangtags for children’s knit cap. Client: Susan Pratt
    • update instructors regarding
  • Tyler. 17012. Meet & Greet postcards + signs. Client: Bob Travers/Theresa Sorrell
    • Waiting on printed Postcard for teacher approval. DUE ASAP
    • Once you have teacher approval, work with Ms. Vaida to set up production file (before lunch) and run postcards (by EOD). Postcards are due to client on Thursday
  • Brian. 17013. VT Philharmonic. Client (poster/PC/Ad): Polly McMurty + Client (program): Edie Miller
    • review design requirements provided by client and research visuals
    • research brief due by lunch today
  • Matt. 17014. T-shirt Assembly Poster. Client: Linda Dulleba
    • make revisions based on teacher feedback
  • 17015. CTE Marketing Project
  • Mayla. 17016. Community Service Days. Client: Emmy Charron.
    • Look at Community Service Days from years past.
    • Brainstorm/sketch/gather inspiration for design create research brief. Due EOD today. 
  • Apollo. 17021. Opening Assembly stickers. Client: DCM instructors
    • begin sketching ideas.

Upcoming Dates

  • CTE Opening Assembly, Tuesday 9.20.16 @ 10:00 am

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