A | 08.31.16| Wednesday

minimal graphics004

What is this an advertisement for? What is it selling? How? How does this relate to Design as a discipline? What does a designer do?


  • Welcome to Design & Creative Media, we are glad you are here!

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Icebreaker with DCM2— 3 adjectives & Brainstorm: expectations for success in the DCM program at CTE. (9:45-10:30)
  • Nuts & Bolts (10:30-11:00)
    • Supplies: Books, color wheel, Wacom tablet, computer (inc. mice/keyboard)
    • Student packets & schedules.
    • Lunch time and restrooms (down the hall and in the library (room 104B))
    • DCM daily schedule for Q1
    • Preferred shirt size for CTE Kick Off Assembly
  • Break (11:00-11:15)
  • A Brief History of Communication (11:15-12:15)
    • Oral Tradition. Stories were passed down verbally.
      • In-class activity: Telephone
    • Hieroglyphs/Pre-historic (pre-alphabet). Communication was limited to images and spoken words.
    • Development of written language. cuniform —>alphabets —> early books (handwritten illuminated manuscripts —> early printing press
    • What does this all have to do with Design & Creative Media ??? What is design anyway?
  • Lunch (12:15-12:45)
  • Afternoon: Photoshop Identity Assignment

Due Dates:

  • Photoshop Identity Assignment; due EOD Friday 9/2

Upcoming dates:

  • No School Monday, Sept. 5 (Labor Day)

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