B| 06.3.16| Friday (2nd year)


CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed your final exam.

  • Food Service June 6-9th
    • Grinder line only: 10 am to 1 pm
    • snack bar: 7 am to 1 pm
    • Rink Cafe: closed beginning June 6
    • Cafeteria closed June 10th
  • Missing DCM assignment/project work and academic class work:
    • Due EOD Monday, June 6th
    • If you do not complete missing work by EOD Monday, then you will return on Make-Up days, Thursday June 9th and Friday June 10th
  • Last project for the year: z10_DCMTradingCards. Due EOD Monday  6.6.16
  • No printing during presentation period.
  • Laptops will be collected EOD Monday June 6th. Please see Ms. Vaida if you need a flash drive.
  • Workstations must be left in the condition that they were when you came. Please organize, recycle, take home work.
  • Server:
    • Update your personal server folder with all project work from this year (make sure it is in GD2 folder).
    • Delete any personal work or Design Studio work that is in your personal folder on the server.
    • DO NOT touch the jobshop folder files (unless it is the clean up a job you have not yet been assessed on)
  • Make PDFs of any/all work you would like to take with you (can be either project work or Design Studio work)
  • Remove your work from the walls
  • Recycle files you do not need. Printed projects and prototypes in good condition may be donated to the classroom as samples, as can manila folders with minimal writing
  • Check in any tools with an instructor

Projects/Assignments/Client Work 

  • Capstone project Save all pieces on your server/year 2/capstone (make sure your files & assets are well organized). Remember: Capstone must be completed in its entirety, even if not all pieces made it into the web portfolio. 
  • Dakota 10684 Recognition Student Viewbook (design)
    • On hold until portfolio is completed. Fix names and see additional revisions. Print and turn in for proofing.
  • Alexis 10699E Batmitvah Invitation. Client: Ms. Perlah + Abigail
    • meet with Ms. P in the afternoon to make adjustments to color and spacing + iconography.

Upcoming Dates

  • 6.08.16 Recognition Rehearsal (during school)
  • 6.08.16 Recognition Night (in the evening)
  • 6.09.16/06.10.16 Make-up student days (if you need to make-up or complete work)

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