A| 05.20.16| Friday (2nd year)


  • Happy (sunny) Friday
  • Portfolios will be sent at 2:00 pm.
    • If you are planning on using video in your website:
    • put the mp4 in workgroups/PortfolioVideo. make sure it has your name in the title, as well as the name of the project as you want it to be in vimeo (ex. EyeOfTheTiger_msPerlah.mp4 or MyCapstoneBrandNameAnimation_JohnDoe.mp4). (see Ms. P asap if you need help rendering/encoding your video)
    • Tell Ms. V immediately so that she can queue it up to upload to vimeo. She will email you a link that you can embed in your website. This whole process takes a little bit of time to happen, so make sure you take care of this ASAP.
    • once link is in folder, you may begin mounting
  • Tom: continue working on your Lyndon Portfolio Review packet. See instructor if you need help

Projects/Assignments/Client Work 

  • Capstone project Save on your server/year 2/capstone. 
  • PORTFOLIO: Web portfolio due  EOD
    • Directions for Exporting jpegs (updated with LR details)
    • How to set up your web portfolio: Web portfolio directions
    • If you need to photograph prototypes, lights are set up in the production room
    • Things for instructors to proof:
      • Capstone process book. (print and turn in)
      • web descriptions + about me. (MAKE sure you are putting all web descriptions into a google doc and printing them out for us to proof before putting them into your website!)
  • Dakota 10684 Recognition Student Viewbook (design)
    • On hold until portfolio is completed. Fix names and see additional revisions. Print and turn in for proofing.
  • Alexis 10699E Batmitvah Invitation. Client: Ms. Perlah + Abigail
    • make adjustments to color and spacing + iconography, if needed.

Upcoming Dates

  • 5.31.16 – 6.3.16 Portfolio presentations
  • 6.08.16 Recognition Rehearsal (during school)
  • 6.08.16 Recognition Night (in the evening)
  • 6.09.16/06.10.16 Make-up student days (if you need to make-up or complete work)

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