A| 05.03.16| Tuesday (2nd year)


  • CWE-Alexis
  • Capstone Inspiration: A professional example of what branding looks like across platforms from Solidarity of Unbridled Labor (formerly JDK Design)
  • Capstone check-in/critique  Wednesday 11:15 am (5/4) + Thursday 11:15 am (5/5). Print out all parts (at what ever stage of completion they are at) and be prepared to present to the group. Half of you will present Weds, the other half will present Thurs.
  • Meet at 9:50 am in the first year lab for the launch of PORTFOLIO! (postponed till tomorrow). TODAY– check and make sure that you can access your portfoliobox account. See below for a link to your site from last year.
  • Khalil- new afternoon schedule begins this afternoon.
  • Tom: begin working on your Lyndon Portfolio Review packet. See instructor if you need help.

Projects/Assignments/Client Work 

  • Capstone project
    • Save on your server/year 2/capstone
    • Identify the audience, compare to other brands. What is the identity of your “brand”? Start thinking about colors/typography/imagery, inspiration. Remember that you will need to include some writing and explanations about your thinking for this capstone project.
  • Jake 10666. WVPD 7 walks Brochure + Booklet. Client: Tom Malinowski.
    • Edits are in. Print them out and review with an instructor.
  • Jake 10615 Engineering Design and Production Technologies. Client: Robin Lane.
    • waiting on client response
  • Dakota 10684 Recognition Student Viewbook (design)
    • continue developing first comp.
  • Khalil 10686 Pre-tech Pathways Poster (series of 4). Client: Rebecca Morse
    • Minor changes; see instructor. Bring to Ms. Quinn and ask her to proof one last time. Then print 5 of each on 12×18 and trim
    • After printing: prepare file for grading, and turn into Ms. V
  • Alexis 10699E Batmitvah Invitation. Client: Ms. Perlah + Abigail
    • Waiting for client feedback and teacher art direction
  • Tom 10699G Large format Red Carpet Banner for EHS Music
    • Waiting on client response.
    • get high res logos. See file for specs.

Upcoming Dates

  • 5.5.16 Pre-school visits in DCM 1
  • 5.6.16 4th quarter progress reports end
  • 5.19.16 Dan Post Senning presentation on presenting
  • 5.20.16 Online portfolio due
  • 5.31.16 – 6.3.16 Portfolio presentations

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