A| 04.14.16 | Thursday


  • Congratulations Honor roll students!
  • Laptops & flash drive return: Alex S, Tyler, Tori
  • CCV College projects: turn in for feedback. Projects are due tomorrow
  • SBAC make-up: Jake & Pam to student services @ 10:00;
  • English @ 11:15

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  •  Song Lyric: work day
  •  Bookjacket:
    • Not DONE:   Apollo, Jacob, Alex S, Keagen, Tyler
    • Once you have final approval, print out one more copy (flat on 11×17 with marks + bleeds, scale to fit), and package and prepare your files for project submission. Turn in your project folder with organized supporting documentation (thumbnails, roughs and original bookjacket)
  • Product Label: work on developing vector logo. Turn in comp for feedback when complete.

Assignments/New Today:

  • none until after break 🙂

Assignments/Due Dates:

Assignments/Past Due:

  • Bookjacket: final Due date EOD Wednesday 4/13
  • Product label project: three thumbnails of company logo, plus a written description both of the brand (ex history, origin story, or purpose) and a description of the audience, plus container/vessel. Clip together and place in hand in box and have instructor check vessel.

Upcoming dates:

  • 4.15.16 Johnson State College Artist visit day
  • 4.18.16 -4.22.16 April break

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