Step Up Day | Incoming First Years


  • Welcome!!
  • Nametag + Headshot + Handouts (at the front door)
  • Lunch @ 12:15-12:45. Please choose one from the following options: #1 you will purchase lunch. #2 you have brought lunch. #3 you need a lunch ticket (only available for “new to CTE/EHS” students)
  • Computer protocol: Please save all individual work to a folder with your name to the desktop
  • Individual student meeting with teachers, through out the day

Today’s Lesson Plan: 

  • Complete top half of questionnaire
  • Vector Bunny Mural    |    Elements of Design (ex line, shape, color)
  • Demos & Discussions through out day: Photoshop/Illustrator/Elements of Design/Google Image Search/Xerox C60
  • Paperwork: Must be complete by 2:00 PM
    • Survey card
    • English Language Learning survey
    • Questionnaire
  • Stay in touch after today: Find us on Facebook!

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