B| 03.28.16 |Monday


  • Welcome to the first day of Quarter 4
  • CCV College projects: make sure you are meeting with instructors for feedback and that you are on target for your April 15th deadline
  • camera return: Tori (+ case) and Pam (+ charger & case)
  • Lunch from 11:20-11:50
  • Juniors only SBAC: ELA PT from 12:00- 2:05

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • AE: advanced type tools
  • Bookjacket:
    • If your client requested revisions on the roughs, complete ASAP (with placeholder images), and email client to find a time to stop up to show them your new versions (you may also attach the updates as pdfs-smallest file size).
    • If your client approved a design, you may begin downloading high-res imagery from Thinkstock and building your design on your Indesign template. If you are going to create assets for your bookjacket in either Illustrator or Photoshop, make sure your documents are build to size and scale and that your imagery is HQ print ready resolution.
  • Work on Nursery Rhyme work time

Assignments/New Today:

Assignments/Due Dates:

Assignments/Past Due:

  • Bookjacket: Body copy  (Book description & authors bio) formatted on flaps. Was due EOD Friday 3.25.16


Upcoming dates:

  • 3.30.16 SBACs (lunch 11:00-11:30, Math PT test 11:40-2:05)
  • 4.04.16 CVU College Fair: Juniors only (12:10-1:50)
  • 4.05.16 Step Up Day
  • 4.7.16 Authors visit
  • 4.8.16 next client meeting for bookjacket
  • 4.15.16 Johnson State College Artist visit day
  • 4.18.16 -4.22.16 April break

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