DCM 2 Capstone Project

For your final portfolio, you will need to take one project (could be a new piece or a revision/redesign of something you’ve already done this year or last) and show multiple executions of the brand/idea across multiple formats. You need a minimum of four pieces, each a different format.

For example,

  • Revise your Hero Cards, and then… make a series of posters, a mock-up for a website and a motion-based PSA about the heroic trait.
  • Revise your CD package, and then… make a T-shirt graphic, a press pass, concert posters and a teaser promo for an upcoming tour
  • Revise your snowboard design, and then… design the layout for the trade show booth marketing the board, and a textile design for coordinating apparel and a cool motion graphic to be shown at the trade show.
  • Revise your food label, and then… design the snack pack version and all the packaging that goes with it, an end-cap display at the grocery store, and a newspaper ad, plus a catalog.
  • Or maybe do a “get out the vote” effort across multiple platforms or maybe you are passionate about ending gun violence or about global warming…..

You get the idea.

Again, you can revise an existing design piece or start from scratch and choose something that you’ve always wanted to design but haven’t yet had the chance. The idea is that you are showing that you understand the essence of your brand and can apply that essence with multiple executions across multiple formats. Can you distill your brand to its essence– type, color, image?

You will complete a process piece (introduce brand, explain what brand represents, identify audience, explain color, type & image choices, describe how you executed brand across multiple layouts) to go along with this project and to document your thinking. The writing should be reflective in nature, and should explain how you made your decisions, and the research you did to justify/explain your design choices.





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