A | 03.09.16| Wednesday (2nd year)


  • Dakota: CWE
  • Alexis: meet with instructors regarding updated design studio protocols and end of year updates
  • CCV Fast Forward Dual Enrollment College project description
    • check your timelines
    • Final Projects due: Friday April 15th, 2016
  •  Khalil: Lyndon State College Poster Contest: Friday March 18th. Are you in? We need to know today!….
  • Johnson State College is visiting at 10. You are welcome to join if you are interested.

Projects/Assignments/Client Work 

  • Dakota 10612 Career Networks. Client: Markey Read.
    • Waiting on instructor feedback
  • Jake 10615 Engineering Design and Production Technologies. Client: Robin Lane.
    •  Waiting on client response for meeting 
  • Khalil 10621 Logo/Style Guide for new small business. Client: Will Bohmann.
    • waiting on client feedback.
  • Alexis 10645 Girls Rock VT logo re-build. Client: Linda Bassick
    • waiting on client respose for meeting. send reminder email. 
    • logo rebuild with high res imagery + stickers and thank you. on hold
  • Jake 10649 Guidance sheets. Client: Will Bohman. 
    • waiting for teacher feedback
    • begin by replacing image on DCM card- take a new one and stage it, if need be.
  • Khalil 10650. Notecards. Client: Oscar Sanchez. 
    • Finish contact sheet and email to client. today
  • Tom 10653. Natural Resources Cider label. Client: Jason Kittredge.  
    • work with Ms. V to research rectangular sticker templates. Retrofit design for label dimensions, as needed. 
    • waiting on client response; need to fill the container with apple cider to see how label colors react to product 
  • Tom 10667. Disk Golf Logo Revision. Client: Dave Carter.
    • waiting on client feedback from reminder email
  • Alexis 10640. NTHS Invite, Poster, Program. Client: Sarah Wilson.
    • Meeting with Mrs. Wilson this morning @ 10:15. Email to confirm first thing when you get in. 
  • Jake 10666. WVPD 7 walks Brochure. Client: Tom Malinowski.
    • continue work on folding dummy
  • Alexis 10666. WVPD Booklet. Client: Tom Malinowski.
    • make revisions to other pages based on instructor feedback. EOD
    • see Jake’s brochure for type family and style.
  • Tom 10671. Sap operation rebrand Client: Dan Clark
    • See email– he likes #6 and #3 (and so do we!). He may come down at some point today.
    • re-start mocking up labels— focus on #6 and #3.
  • Tom 10643 Career Fair. Posters. Sarah Knight/Martine Gulick
    • Reply all to email regarding large format banner, let her know that we will begin working on the design.
    • Begin designing large format banner.
    • Prep files for Sgt. Wolfenbarger (see email)
  • Dakota 10684 Recognition Student Viewbook (design)
    • Continue developing first comp. As Khalil edits photos, you can start placing imagery into each page.
  • Khalil 10684 Recognition Student Viewbook (photography)
    • As you finish each shoot:
      • Save all photos in program folder (in 10684 Recognition Student Viewbook/Images) on server.
      • Make a contact sheet of photos from each program
      • Review with instructor and delete the “rejects”
      • Edit images in camera raw… save finals as high res jpegs in same folder.
  • Khalil 10685 Childcare Pathway infographic. Clients: Norm Poutre + Connie Esmay
    • begin developing comp on 8.5×11 artboard, no bleeds.
  • Khalil 10686 Pre-tech Pathways Poster (series of 4). Client: Rebecca Morse
    • See client reply and respond. Use pre-tech brochure text to get started. 
  • Alexis 10687 Passion 4 Paws Adoption Event Poster Client: Caty Wolf. Due: 3/11/16
    • see client response, make final revisions (try a drop shadow on title, make all type bold, web url- black) and re-send. Due asap
  • Tom 10690 ATB: St. Patty’s Day dinner Client: John Dowman
    • Labels: add shamrocks to design. Have an instructor proof the labels. Email client on Friday for numbers.
    • Posters; fix typo. Print & trim when you print the labels early next week.

Upcoming Dates

  • 3.11.16 CCV presentation @ 11:00 am



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