B| 03.2.16 |Wednesday


  • Welcome back, say hello to March and to the ice. Did any of you vote in the primaries? Will any of you be old enough to vote in November?
  • equipment return: Tyler & Matt
  • Penny Wars extended until March 9th, bring in your pennies!
  • Application Process for students wishing to return to CTE next year
    • This FRIDAY, March 4th is the application deadline
  • EHS Two-Hour Delay Schedule

    AB 7/8 12:30 – 1:30
    AB 1/2 1:35-2:35

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Threading text in illustrator
  • Work time on CD package and Bookjacket

Assignments/New Today:

  • Bookjacket: See timeline in project folders for list of due dates and process. (these three assignments must be completed this week) 
    • research existing covers. Find 3 samples. Output and staple together.
    • Complete “Bookjacket Beginning Design” worksheet
    • Check facts in authors bio, update (if needed). Word-process: book description & authors bio (if you do not have a bio on your original jacket, you will have to find one online– do not write one yourself, and make sure to cite the source of the one you find)

Assignments/Due Dates:

Assignments/Past Due:

Upcoming dates:

  • 3.7.16            Full Sail College visit
  • 3.9.16           Johnson State College visit

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