A| 02.15.16 |Monday


Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Work time:
    • Dream Montage: first comp critique, pass around written feedback.
  • Bookjacket
    • size and build template
  • CD: Build your first comp of CD cover. Due EOD Tomorrow, 2.16.16 Once cover is complete begin building booklet

Assignments/New Today:

  • Bookjacket. Template for new bookjacket should be complete + fitted (approved by an instructor) by EOD Thursday 2.18.16

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • Bookjacket  make sure you have finished reading the book by the end of vacation
  • CD project due date: first comp of cover EOD Tuesday 2.16.16
  • Project B10: Dream Montage due date: first comp. Size to 300 ppi (uncheck unsample, resolution 300). Do not scale to fit media. Choose paper size accordingly. Turn on corner crop marks.  Final Project submission EOD Wednesday 2.17.16
  • CCV project proposals Final revised proposal due 2.19.16

Assignments/Past Due:

Upcoming dates:

  • 2.12.16         3 Quarter progress reports close
  • 2.22 – 3.1      Feb break
  • 3.7.16            Full Sail College visit

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