A| 02.05.16| Friday (2nd year)


  • CLEAN UP DESIGN STUDIO- everything, everywhere as we have Open house on Saturday. Put personal items away and make sure extra hardware/peripherals are in cabinet
  • Khalil Revise resumes based on feedback from Markey. Was due Friday, make sure yours is turned in for feedback 
  • Khalil, Develop a thank you card to use for a thank you to Markey and/or CWE hosts, if you haven’t done so already. It should coordinate with your stationery and fit in an A2 envelope. Once you have teacher approval, print and trim a few (100# card stock).
  • ALL Write a thank you note to Markey on thank your thank you card. Cards must be sent today, place in A-2 envelope, address and put in outgoing mail
  • Back by popular demand… Come get help filling out the FAFSA, VSAC application & Scholarships! This will be the last one so don’t miss out!
    • When: Thursday, February 11th @ 1:00
    • Where: Computer lab located in the back of the library
    • Who: Liam Danaher from VSAC & Ms. Emmy
  • Dakota CWE

Projects/Assignments/Client Work 

  • Dakota 10612 Career Networks. Client: Markey Read.
    • Send a follow up email today
  • Jake 10615 Engineering Design and Production Technologies. Client: Robin Lane.
    • make revisions based on instructor feedback
  • Khalil 10621 Logo/Style Guide for new small business. Client: Will Bohmann.
    • meeting on Tuesday at 10:00
    • put meeting in calendar/send Google invite to Mr. Bohmann
  • Alexis 10645 Girls Rock VT logo re-build. Client: Gina Mackinnon.
    • send check in email
    • Work with Ms. P to rebuild logo with high res imagery. 
    • Begin developing comps for stickers and thank you.
  • Jake 10649 Guidance sheets. Client: Will Bohman. 
    • build “new” first comp
  • Khalil 10650. Notecards. Client: Oscar Sanchez. 
    • waiting for Oscar to bring more paintings
  • Tom 10653. Natural Resources Cider label. Client: Jason Kittredge.  
    • Update instructor today
    • See email from Jason and ask how many labels he wants
    • create production file and test print (you can do this before receiving numbers from Jason)
  • Tom 10635. VT Phil Winter concert poster, postcards & Ad. Client: Connie Warren.
    • once programs are printed & cut, email client Connie for program pick-up
    • ready file and turn in for grading
  • Tom 10662. Branch Schoolhouse note cards. Client: Mike DeWeese.
    • waiting on client
  • Tom 10667. Disk Golf Logo Revision. Client: Dave Carter.
    • make revisions based on client input, have instructor approve and re-send to client
  • Alexis 10640. NTHS Invite, Poster, Program. Client: Sarah Wilson.
    • see email from client (add one comma)
    • set up production file and print
    • finish comp of program after meeting on Friday
  • Alexis 10666. WVPD Booklet and Brochure. Client: Tom Malinowski. 
    • work on developing first comp
  • Jake 10648. Open House Program. Client: Charlie Brady.
    • ready file for grading a turn in
  • Khalil 10663. Pop-up plays Logo. Client: Haley Rice.
    • finish developing 4-6 logo ideas. Set up 1 logo on each artboard and experiment with color only. Print and turn in. Due before lunch today
  • Alexis 10674. Fine Arts Showcase poster. Client: Tina Logan.
    • waiting for client response
  • Tom 10671. Sap operation rebrand Client: Dan Clark
    • continue developing comps
  • Jake 10677. Cabaret & One Act Play poster. Client: Nicholas Stokes.
    • ready file and turn in for grading
  • Alexis 10658. Passion 4 Paws Poster & Sticker. Client: Caty Wolfe.
    • waiting on client
  • Tom 10643 Career Fair. Posters. Sarah Knight
    • 11 x 17 poster first comp due EOD today
    • fix typo on postcard due EOD today

Upcoming Dates


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