A| 01.22.16 |Friday


  • Sign-up for CCV Fast Forward college classes with Emmy in DCM @10:00.
  • There are a few openings still available in Driver Education for semester 2 Periods AB 7/8. Students who are in good academic standing and currently have their permit should see their CTE counselor if they are interested!
  • Guidance survey–please go to this website https://goo.gl/hraJpG to complete the survey.
  • 11:00 Break time: Please help yourself to a home baked delight. Belma and Selma were very busy in the kitchen last night, thanks ladies!

Today’s Lesson Plan:

Assignments/New Today:

  • Copyright Flash Cards Due: TBD

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • Digital Landscape painting  First comp due EOD today
  • Digital Photo  DUE EOD Today
    • Re-adjust/fix edits on photos that have stars on it.
    • Export starred photos as high res jpegs from Lightroom
    • Put high res jpegs in workgroups/Digital Photo

Assignments/Past Due:

Upcoming dates:

  • 01.22.16 | Sign up for Spring semester CCV Fast Forward classes with Emmy (in DCM)

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