Assignment | Coloring Book

Ms. Vaida’s Coloring Book of Learning

  • Digital Asset Management:
    • Set up a Second Semester folder (create assignments folder and project folder within it)
    • Put Coloring Book Folder inside:  Assignments/Digital Illustration
    • Copy/paste the Coloring Book assignment from Workgroup/ColoringBook into your own server directory (Semester Two/Assignments/Digital Illustration/Coloring Book. Rename this new file with your initials at the end (i.e., ColoringBook_dv).
  • Complete all 5 pages of Ms. Vaida’s Book, following the on-screen instructions. Be sure to save your work as a native .psd.
  • If you finish all 5 pages, create a new layered folder (ask Ms. V for help) and add one more page to the Coloring Book. Subject for the last drawing is up to you, but you must use 3 out of the 5 techniques covered here.

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