B| 12.18.15 |Friday (2nd year)


  • Letterhead: Tom, Khalil and Alexis, please print 1 and give to Mrs. B. Due EOD today
  • CCV Fast Forward (dual enrollment) Fall Semester Graphic Design 2 projects are due BOD January 4th. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • CCV Fast Forward (dual enrollment), semester 2: Digital Image Manipulation, Digital Photography and/or Graphic Design I (if you haven’t already taken it). If you are eligible, you may be able to take two.
  • Digital Photo Pro-signment is due EOD today. Submit contact sheets and edited photos. On Tuesday, you will be able to pick some favorite images to print on the Epson 9900 on nice photo paper (makes for great holiday gifts!)
  • 12.21.15 Monday-Champlain College Graphic Design senior capstone gallery exhibition.
    • Business casual dress & ID
    • We will be doing lots of walking outside so please wear comfortable shoes and make sure you have appropriate outerwear
    • We will leave at 9:45 and return by the end of the day.
    • Lunch is our treat and will be at American Flatbread following the gallery exhibition.
    • EHS students let your academic teachers know if you are going to miss class on Monday

Projects/Assignments/Client Work 

  • SkillsUSA Pin Design. ALL   Turn in comps TODAY!!! 
  • 10612 Career Networks Rebranding. Client: Markey Read. Dakota
    • Waiting on response for client. Re-work card face with an alternate treatment to the center star.
  • 10615 Engineering Design and Production Technologies. Client: Robin Lane. Jake
    • Finish and submit changes based on instructor feedback
  • 10621 Logo/Style Guide for new small business. Client: Will Bohmann. Khalil
    • Finish renditions and print before meeting @ 11:00
  • 10645 Girls Rock VT logo re-build. Client: Gina Mackinnon. Alexis
    • Continue working on logo re-build: composite multiple drum sets together.
    • Download hi-res versions of images once you have a working layout.
    • Begin developing comps for stickers and thank you.
  • 10649 Guidance sheets. Client: Will Bohman. Jake
    • Continue developing first comps based on instructor feedback
  • 10650. Notecards. Client: Oscar Sanchez. Khalil
    • save as TIFFs and then email Oscar to invite him to pick up the first batch of paintings and to request the rest of the paintings.
  • 10652. Traveling Guidance display board. Client: Emmy Charron. Alexis 
    • Work with instructor to finish revisions and send to Emmy. EOD today
  • 10653. Natural Resources Cider label. Client: Jason Kittredge. Tom 
    • Cider Label: waiting on instructor feedback
    • update instructor/s on physical product (labels)
  • 10604. GIV Leave Behind. Client: Karen Taylor Mitchell. Khalil
    • after you get final approval, email pdf to Karen.
  • 10663. VT Phil Winter concert poster, postcards & Ad. Client: Connie WarrenAlexis.
    • Finish 2 versions of poster and send to client for feedback.

Upcoming Dates

  • 12.21.15:  Trip to Champlain College
  • 12.23.15-01.03.16:  Winter Break

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