B| 12.16.15|Wednesday


  • MMU visitors
  • Laptop/flash return; Alex R & Alayna
  • Don’t forget to bring in pet food for the student council drive. Win an ice cream party for DCM!
  • Citizenship/employability meetings
  • Job shadow 2015 reminders:
    • professional attire, tool kit/questions, writing implement, ID badge, business cards. Be at the CTE entrance ready to depart at 9:40 am sharp.
    • Wednesday Dec 16th: Catamount Color: Alayna Boucher, Dealer.com: Brian Gagne, Pop Color: Keagen Mathieson, Shelburne Museum: Tori Poquette, KSV: Selma Puzic, Ben & Jerry’s: Alex Susco
    • Thursday Dec 17th: Matt Mossey: Pop Color, Alex Russell: Catamount Color
    • Friday Dec 18th: Tyler Cirillo: Pop Color, Tori Poquette, Catamount Color, Belma Puzic: Ben & Jerry’s, Sergei Sonntag: VANG

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • A11 Pin Design
    • Begin working on when you are in between things and/or waiting for instructor support.
  • A10 Ad Campaign
    • Once you have approval on roughs, start building ad comps to size + scale. Request high res thinkstock images from Ms. V in writing.
  • Digital Photography Pro-signment
    • begin editing photos. All work due EOD on Friday.
  • Finish all thank you notes as you complete your job shadow

Assignments/New today:

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • Job Shadow:  As you finish each job shadow, please script a letter in Google docs to your host thanking him or her for having you. Make sure to comment on one thing that have learned while at the shadow. Make it personal and sincere. Print and turn in. Once you have teacher approval, hand write out your thank you letter to your host on one card. (you have extras in case you make a mistake)
    • Mail to: you will have to look up your host’s address. Ask for help if you can’t find it on your own.
  • A10 | Ad Campaign. See above for details 12.18.15
  • Final Digital Photo Pro-signment Due Friday 12.18.15
  • A11 Pin Design Due EOD Monday Jan. 4th
    • Pin must read SkillsUSA 2016-2017
    • Must be no larger than 1 ¼ sq. in. Build your Illustrator artboard to size and scale.
    • No Google imagery. Either self-generated or thinkstock only
    • Save in Projects/A11 Pin Design
    • You may develop more that one idea to begin, but you will only submit one for the competition.

Assignments/Past Due:

Upcoming dates:

  • 12.7.15- 12.18.15 Job shadows
  • 12.16.15. and 12.17.15 MMU student visit days
  • 12.21.15 Champlain College Visit
  • 12.23.15-01.03.16 Winter Break

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